1. This was not what I meant or the context in which I said it.  The Marxist-anarchists had promised to riot after the election, threatening the nation that if Trump won there would be widespread violence.  That's why the storeowners boarded up their windows, etc.
2. Biden was "declared" the winner and the riots did not occur.  I never said, and would never say, that Antifa and the other Marxist-anarchist groups were done committing acts of violence or rioting.
3. Respectfully, I have been around some time and I am very familiar with terrorist and anarchist movements in our country and around the world.  So, I don't appreciate one or two sentences from my radio show being used at it is used here.
4. I have great respect for this young man, as he has enormous courage covering Antifa, but no need to misrepresent where I am coming from.  Perhaps listen to more of my radio programs and read a few of my books if you are going to assign some position to me.
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