Best decision I made in 2020?

Going against the bandwagon & getting a 9-5.
Generic advice can be useful, bit it is generic after all.

Not too long ago the people saying today to not leave your job where pushing for people to leave their job.

No job is perfect, be it a 9-5 or entrepreneurship. There is nuance & specific situations to take into account.
A shit 9-5 sucks for the same any other shit job sucks: it's a shit job.

Not every job is a shit job though.

As usual, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
A large driver for entrepreneurship is a mismatch between a person's sense of self-worth & what the mkt perceives.

Sometimes u get shit offers because others are dumb & can't see your value.

Others u get shit offers because it's u the one with an overblown sense of worth.
OF COURSE a smart person with no higher education is gonna be driven towards entrepreneurship.

They will most likely never receive offers according to their true value.

But you might.

Point is: generic entrepreneurship advice is generic, may not apply to you.
After 9 months of lockdowns, pandemic, crisis & uncertainty

Gurus now are behaving like institutions, stating the obvious, once obvious has become obvious:

Maybe you *shouldn't* drop your job to pursue a newsletter-plugging-beneath-tweets business...
Shoutout to my friend & mentor @leoncastilloVC.

At the critical time when I was at a crossroad, he gave me the advice I needed to hear & others weren't experienced enough to give.
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