Increasingly, I am conscious of living in a new age, The Anthropocene: The geological era, where humans impact the entire biosphere through #climatechange and loss of biodiversity. Closely coupled with population growth and fossil fueled economy #twitterstorians #envhist 1/11 /BP
An #interdisciplinary challenge: Conveniently as a senior scholar you CAN stick to your chosen discipline, BUT in a time of great societal challenges, I find it increasingly necessary to be able to assess and #scicomm with theory, methods and data from other disciplines. 2/11 /BP
...I have a history of collaborating with various marine scientists. Cross-faculty research and dissemination can be quite challenging, but necessary to understand issues like human impact on world's oceans. Such challenges are addressed here: 
3/11 /BP
A concrete example of how history adds perspective to modern scientific data is my first monograph, Dutch Herring: An Environmental History, c. 1600-1860 (Aksant, 2008), where these data come from:
#envhist #coastalhistory #oceanspast #opi

...My 2019 monograph, "Stormflod", also builds not knowledge drawn from biology and geology, trying to understand both historical fishing patterns, sand drifts and floods
#dkvid #dkhist #dkgreen #dkklima #dkforsk #envhist 5/11 /BP
...Publishing in natural science journals is also exciting. My experience is that having co-authors whose primary training is in the natural sciences improves ms. and analysis. Often the argument is contrued quite differently from that of much historical scholarship.. 6/11 /BP
...and there is a heightened risk of getting smacked in peer review. That is just the name of the game. If there is no peer review critique, you have aimed too low, but as recent as 2020, I had a "You are the wasting time of reviewers and editor" comment from a reviewer. 7/11/BP
...Fortunately many endeavours turn out fine, and I am having my share of accolade and impact. Pleased to see for instance, that the @ICES_ASC expert group, #WGHIST that i co-founded in 2008 still works with @ruththurstan @DrEmilySKlein at helm 
8/11 /BP
...Global socio-ecological challenges are daunting, but I am inspired by a combination of immense curiosity and the sense of empowernment arising from writing, speaking, teaching, exploring and engaging the attention of fellow humans. #twitterstorians #envhist 9/11 /BP
...This gives me a quiet hope, - "A Slow Hope", as Christoph Mauch from @CarsonCenter put in a recent art.
#dkvid #dkhist #dkgreen #dkklima #dkforsk #envhist
10/11 /BP
...As a PS: What drives you?

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