A vocal part of the far left wants open borders; doesn't believe in national citizenship; & indeed would abolish the nation state. In doing so, they would destroy the only practical means by which global capital might be restrained & democratic controls be imposed upon the market
They would say that they want to reimpose such controls at a more global level - but in practice such an attempt a) would be undemocratic, because no supranational/global demos exists and b) is total pie-in-the-sky in anything other than the very long term, and probably even then
The reality is that slogans about 'international socialism' and abolishing borders and nations mean 'socialism never'. Indeed, they mean that even moderate social democracy is a pipe dream. They let their utopian fantasies block anything like pragmatic wins for working people
And this is why the arguments of someone like @PaulEmbery cannot be disentangled. If you want something like a social democratic economic programme, it makes no sense to oppose the nation state and want to abolish borders. They are the means by which such a programme is achieved
And ultimately this is no coincidence, because the 'open borders, nations are fascist' brigade are hobbyist play-acting leftists, middle-class trustafarian showponies whose cultural virtue-signalling trumps their purported economic leftism every time
Not a single hungry child has been fed by sloganeering 'open borders' dogma. Not a single public service has been saved, not a single decent job has been created, not a single wage negotiation won. On the contrary, your irresponsibility makes these things ever less likely
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