#BREAKING: J&K Government confirms the involvement of former J&K Chief Minister and National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah in the encroachment of government land at Sunjwan in Jammu under the massive Roshini Scam. Sharing a thread on the details from probe agencies below.
Private residence built by NC leader & former CM Farooq Abdullah is on State/Forest land. Intriguing modus operandi adopted by Abdullah was unraveled following a probe by the revenue department to look into usurpation and encroachment of state land by influential politicians.
In 1998 Abdullah bought 3 Kanals from different land owners on a private khasra number 21 situated at a different location in village Sunjwan, Jammu. Abdullah instead of taking possession over 3 Kanals of this land encroached more than 7 Kanals of nearby prime state/forest land.
This represents a case of not just encroachment but misrepresentation and fraud by former J&K CM Farooq Abdullah.
The market value of the encroached land is around Rs. 10 crore, if we calculate as per the prevalent land valuation. Huge.
Encroachment of land by Farooq Abdullah shown as Other Than Roshini by J&K Government. Outside the Roshini Scam. Physically encroached but not shown in Revenue Records.
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