11. One of Habak's best friends is Milad Al Shehabi who has promotional videos on his page of Nour Al Din Zinki fighters. A brutal extremist group, formerly sponsored by US, beheaders of 12 yr old child, Abdullah Issa, in 2016. Also connected to #WhiteHelmets
12. An image taken from Habak's own FB page is a eulogy for an armed gang member. But, remember, Chloe #BBC insists that Habak was just somewhow able to mingle, attend rallies & film Nusra Front affiliates while remaining neutral.
13. Another attendee at rally where Habak is hugging quite a few members of armed groups, is believed to be Ahmed Mojadidi - who welcomed Sheikh Abdullah Muhaysini to terrorist-occupied East Aleppo in 2016 - Muhaysini is Riyadh funded fanatic, trainer of child suicide bombers etc
14. There is a lot more photographic & video evidence but it does look as if the #BBC has employed a "researcher" who gave testimony for "Mayday"series without "rigorous" investigation into his background - perhaps @NikGowing @bbclysedoucet @BowenBBC could comment?
15. Certainly Habak ran with #AlQaeda Nour al Din Zinki & affiliated armed extremist groups but never documented any of their war crimes including torture of POWs, beheading of 12 year old child, dismemberment of Russian pilot, atrocities committed against Syrian civilians.
17. My recommendation to @ChloeHadj is to do a bit more "rigorous" journalism before attempting to smear honest journalists who report what they see on the ground & hear fm #Syrian people while u sit in London interviewing "armed group" sympathisers.
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