1) I was beginning to lose hope! However, @LLinWood saved me this evening. He has the goods when it comes to the fraud that occurred in Georgia. These MORONS used an NBA arena that is full of cameras throughout the arena and on the outside of the arena. I personally believe Lin
2) has the videos that he is asking for in his subpoena. I think it is all there on tape. They LIED about the water leak in order to stop the count and produce the necessary ballots in order to swing the state.

Problem for them is that there was no such leak and everything they
3) did from that point forward was caught on tape. If this revelation turns out to produce proof of fraud, than the tide has been completely turned. Keep in mind that those arenas were used in other states as well. https://twitter.com/aiiamericangiri/status/1331107860470767616
4) From the article linked above:

Lin Wood and Sidney Powell have both been promising big things would be happening in Georgia very soon. It looks like Lin Wood has dropped his first bobmshell tonight.

100 Percent Fed Up – In a surprise, late-night tweet, Attorney Lin Wood,
5) who’s been warning Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) and GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger that he’s coming after them and that he’s got the goods, laid down the gauntlet. In his first tweet in a series of tweets, Wood tweeted: https://twitter.com/llinwood/status/1331069628806815744
6) The subpoena demands and surveillance tapes, documents, information or objects, permission to inspect the premises a suite in the State Farm Arena. The subpoena includes recordings of elevators and loading docks and loading dock entrances. The subpoena also asks for any work
7) orders or permits related to a water break in the Hawks arena.

HE DECIDED TO TOY WITH HIS PREY: https://twitter.com/llinwood/status/1331089521237233664
8) NOW what @JordanSekulow Jordan had to say the other night makes perfect sense!

He appeared with Tom Basile on NewsMax to discuss the current status of several election lawsuits. Within that interview he noted that despite the election certification, a new lawsuit will be
9) filed on Monday in Georgia that “will be stunning“.

The ACLJ lawyer states the lawsuit and attached evidence in the state of Georgia is unrelated to any currently known information, evidence or preceding lawsuits. The framework is entirely new.
10) @SidneyPowell1 decided to tweet about it as well! https://twitter.com/sidneypowell1/status/1331110531084726272
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