Ooooooooh this gal’s got her rant on TONIGHT!! Careful now! Thread ahead!

*deep breaths.*

I just saw this post from #CPC MP Rachael Harder (Lethbridge.)

Hi, Rachael- I don’t think you’re on twitter anymore, but I’d like to chat.

#AbHealth #AbPoli #CdnPoli 1/
What I see from your Facebook post is the following. I’d like to clarify.

So of the 471 deaths so far in Alberta only 10 of them MATTER to you because everyone else had preexisting conditions?
Let me tell you something, Ms. Harder. I’m a 38 year old woman, with an 11 year old son and 14 year old stepson. My husband & I have a beautiful life.

I am four years older than you are. This is my family. We adore each other.
The thing is, I live with what the doctors have told me is an incurable cancer, but so far it’s proven to be slow-growing & I could (I hope) still live for years. Our family prays every day for this.

It’s in my lungs, though, so covid would be a serious threat to my life. 4/
My baby is 11. You’re telling me that those of us with “pre-existing conditions” are just- out of luck? Oh, so sorry, but you aren’t worth protecting? Neither are our precious elderly or the THOUSANDS of Albertans who live with pre-existing conditions STILL LIVING GOOD LIVES? 5/
This has been one of the most shocking parts of this pandemic in my mind, Rachael, is the absolute callousness with which some members of the general public- conservative politicians in PARTICULAR- have treated those who are elderly, sick, disabled.

We’re disposable to you. 6/
Do you know how this SOUNDS to us? Do you know how it FEELS?

Look, anyone who follows me on this platform knows that I don’t throw pity parties for myself. I move forward. I find silver linings. I’m optimistic & hopeful. But when I see posts like YOURS?

I feel like this.
YOU, Rachael, are an ELECTED OFFICIAL. You speak publicly about VERY IMPORTANT legislation, ideas, and governance that impacts our lives in big ways.

You’re supposed to represent ALL OF YOUR CONSTITUENTS, not just the ones you deem worth saving.
I don’t know how to wrap this up. There’s no pretty bow to put on that garbage gift you posted on Facebook.

Just- to you, Rachael, and to every conservative politician out there currently gambling with our lives- could you just not? Could you just look at ALL of us as humans? 9/
Our grandparents, parents, those of us with illness or disability- WE ARE NO LESS HUMAN than you are. We may get less time on this earth than you will, but that doesn’t mean our lives deserve to be prematurely shortened because people can’t be bothered to care.

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