I've been reserved about talking about my health issues on here but, since people have been so unimaginably kind, I believe it's time to open up. I'm a COVID longhauler with other undiagnosed likely-COVID-caused illnesses. My life has turned around this past year.
I wasn’t immunocompromised at first. I was healthy. My initial COVID was largely asymptomatic and I did not realize the symptoms I was experiencing afterwards were from long-COVID until months later.
And I still have no idea what’s happening with my body. Everything is unpredictable and unexplainable. Doctors aren’t sure what’s going on yet. I nearly blacked out just an hour ago with no explanation.
I can’t do a lot anymore. Walking up a single flight of stairs can take all my energy for the day. I’m fighting and I’m praying.
But God is good. And I have much to be thankful for. Nothing happening now is what I expected it to be, and I have to accept that.
Love your neighbors who are fighting COVID. Love your chronically ill neighbors. Love the doctors who are trying to help. 💙
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