1. I came over a report the other day, and then it hit me. 😳
This thread will explain what I realized [may] be happening.

Disclosures: This is an exploratory thread. I am not a physician, M.D. or “scientist.”
However I do have a brain 🧠 & I can read pretty good. 😏🥳
2. I believe I’m going to have to go FULL CAMO in this thread d/t the sensitive nature of what I’m about to tie together.
That means I will be coding words, will not be dropping links (see my pics I leave the link in most pics).
As always if you tag a deep state you get blocked.
3. A recent report was released in the Journal of Science. Here is an article of said report:
“Some severe COV!D 19 cases linked to genetic mutations or antibodies that attack the body.”
👉🏻 “...2 new analysis suggest ... weak spots in humans immune system.” ...
4. Summary:
📍AUTO-Antibodies attack immune system
📍leader: Jean-Laurent Casanova
📍Why is COV!D 19 severe in some, yet others “ok”
📍”Maybe other patients w/ severe COV!D also lacked interferons - BUT for a different reason.”🤔💭
📍 Something pre-existing BEFORE infection?
5. Summary 2:
📍At least 101 of the patients had auto-antibodies against an assortment of interferon proteins. "We said, 'bingo'!" Casanova remembers. These antibodies blocked interferon action and were not present in patients with mild COVID-19 cases, the researchers discovered.
6. Well what is an interferon? Why does it matter?🧐
An interferon is a signaling protein released by a host cell, in response to the presence of several viruses🦠.
A protein known as Cytokines. Triggers protective defenses of the immune system. “Interfere” w/ viral replication.
7. Make Note📝 quote: “The vast majority -- 94 percent -- of patients with the harmful antibodies were men.”
“...women have a 2nd X chromosome to compensate for any defects in the 1st. But for men, who carry only a single X, even small genetic errors can be consequential.
8. I realized the study doesn’t say the name of a particular ANTIBODY that attacks the Interferons.
The study found that people that have this antibody which NEUTRALIZES their ability to fight RNA viruses have a more severe case...
9. RNA. COV!ID 19 uses “RNA as it’s genetic makeup.”
📍Retroviruses are more difficult to treat.
📍”Treatment for these viruses typically involves treatment with a drug that INHIBITS the activity of REVERSE TRANSCR!PTASE, the ENZYME that converts retroviral RNA to DNA.” https://twitter.com/AnjillofLight_/status/1330330771677130755
10. 🤔💭An enzyme.
Every single second, inside every living cell, thousands of chemical reactions are taking place. These reactions are performed by enzymes.
An enzyme is a protein that catalyze’s a chemical reaction.
Initiates, speeds up, progress, & make sure it’s always same.
11. Enter the The Cytokines Storm.
Aka Macrophage Activating Syndrome
Also Cytokines Release Syndrome.
📍Cytokines - small soluble molecules- the messengers for the immune system. Proteins and Glycoproteins.
Pro Inflammatory.
Tumor necrosis
12. The important piece 🧩 I realized💡
👉🏻 “Naga!ase” (! = l) An extracellular, MATRIX-degrading, enzyme that is INCREASED / secreted by c^ncerous cells.
Intrinsic component to virions 👉🏻 incl influenza.
⛈Creates Cytokines Storms🌪
People lost their lives over it.
13. This 1:43 video that will help you visualize.
Naga!ase stops Vit D from binding to the GcProtein, which then inhibits the body’s natural cancer killer, you can add viral 🦠 infections etc...
GcProtein needs to change to GcMAF 👉🏻 Activate Macrophages.
📍GcProtein (Vit D) needs to change to GcMAF
📍Naga!ase enzyme removes sugars PREVENTING convers. to GcMAF.
📍⬆️Naga!ase activity, ⬇️GcMAF
What are we told to take for COV!D19?👉🏻Vit D
What if Naga!ase is pre-existing?!
15. I won’t type his name b/c that could easily trigger.
I won’t share highly suspect controlled opposition that lives off of fear p0rn aimed at the holistic community or Dr’s & advocates.
Much has been removed, suppressed & tainted by big social & Pharma.
Start to research.
16. I followed this yrs ago. That’s how it came to mind. It fit.
Keep in mind it is 👉🏻unconfirmed that Naga!ase has a role.
But it should be heavily looked at & people need to know.
Silence is deadly.
We need studies & those studies to include Naga!ase but Pharma will block.
17. B4 I move on I need to make a point.
“Naga!ase is an intrinsic component of the envelope of gp120 of H!V.”
I find that incredibly coincidental that Birx specializes in HIV/AIDS immunology & vaccines.🤨
Video 👉🏻 https://twitter.com/anjilloflight_/status/1276233958930427904
18. I am posting this article (next couple tweets) which has thorough details & easy to read on the GcMAF & Naga!ase & Vit D.

It should stir questions. I’ll give you a start...
Why might [they] want to keep the lid on these Naga!ase discoveries?
What would [they] have to hide?
19. ?’s to ponder...
Would there be a Vacc!ne needed if a solution for any infection, c^ncer, was to maintain a healthy “holistic” lifestyle?

Could there be a way to increase Naga!ase into a population, creating a pre-existing condition unable to effectively fight off viruses?
20. Last tweet including this article.👇🏻
21. 👀 on Saisei Pharma, Japan, clinical study of oral MAF for COV!D 19. “Prior studies have indicated that oral MAF can activate macrophage activity at least 3 fold WITHIN A FEW MINUTES after application.”😯

Also note use for TUBERCULOSIS. Recall who’s involved w/ TB? 👉🏻FAUCI.
22. There is much more to this. There will be more added later.
Side note: If you are researching the above, you will also want to know Yamamoto studies.
Research Gate 👉🏻 https://www.researchgate.net/publication/7889939_Pathogenic_significance_of_a-N-acetylgalactosaminidase_activity_found_in_the_hemagglutinin_of_influenza_virus
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