Let me tell you the story of modern slavery.
In the United States.
Which is happening right now.
And what happened to my Aunt Solange (my Mother’s sister).
In the late 1990’s my Aunt Solange, who lived in Haiti wanted to get a work VISA to come to the United States.
She signed up for a program at her church which worked with Americans to bring nannies to the U.S.
It wasn’t long before a widower in Virginia, who needed a nanny, housekeeper and cook responded. He agreed to pay for my Aunt’s airfare and flew her to Virginia to care for his two children, clean his home and cook their meals.
They agreed to a weekly pay plus room &and board.
After the first week of work, my aunt approached her employer for her pay.
He told her that because he paid for her airfare to the states - he needed to deduct that from her salary.
Week after week - he refused to pay her - citing the television he provided for her room, the plane ticket, the gas he used to drive her from the airport.
After months of working for no pay, my aunt grew exasperated & argued with her “employer.” She wanted to return to Haiti or join family in Spring Valley, NY where my grandmother, aunts, and cousins lived. Here is a picture of my Cousin Guy, his wife Sandra, my Grandma & Solange.
Her employer agreed to drive her to Spring Valley.
Instead- he drove her to Baltimore and kicked her out of his car.
She didn’t even have the TV he charged her for six months of work for.
She stood alone on a corner - clutching her suitcase while he drove away.
My aunt was finally able to get the attention of a young man who spoke Creole. He called my grandmother - and she rounded up the posse. They drove to Baltimore and rescued my Aunt. She had worked for no pay for the man in Virginia for almost a year.
How many other people does this happen to?
How many people have no family in the States to reach out to?
How many people are paying off their plane ticket, room, food or television?
It’s hard to believe that people this evil work/walk among us.
But they do.
Employing an immigrant at a livable wage is one thing.
Enslaving an immigrant is another.
The final photo is my Cousin-in-Law Sandra, My Mom, My Grandmother and my Aunt Solange - shortly after she was rescued.
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