Let’s take a moment to acknowledge 4 Republican officials who despite pressure from the president and his party remained allegiant to facts and truth and democracy and integrity... and math :

Aaron Van Langevelde https://twitter.com/jaketapper/status/1331056454355324928
2/ We can’t pretend we all haven’t watched the president and the RNC attempt to undermine the results of the election by overturning state election results by disenfranchising millions of voters, based on deranged conspiracy theories.

This happened.

It’s still happening!
3/ It sounds so far fetched — but it’s just factual!

And at the end of the day it came down to judges and election officials doing their jobs and sticking to facts while most GOP leaders kept silent.

But we shouldn’t take comfort in the fact the system worked.
4/ The system worked only because conservatives like Aaron Van Langevelde in Michigan and U.S. District Judge Matthew Brann in PA had more integrity than most GOP Officials in Washington DC combined. There will be an attempt at revisionism. The news media cannot let that happen.
5/ I should note that @CISAKrebs is actually now @C_C_Krebs because he got fired for doing his job and pushing back at the sheer lunacy being spewed by the president. Other GOPers like @NVSOS Barbara Cegavske also deserve praise for standing strong against Trump lies
6/ But the fact that this all came down to a handful of Republican officials doing the right thing — while so many others sat silent — should give us all pause. President-elect Biden clearly won and the fact that this remains difficult for many GOP officials to state is pathetic.
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