yknow what, fuck it


from someone who knew all this shit but was too petrified to do any of it!
if something starts smoking, take it off the heat. DO NOT attempt to reach over it to turn the heat down.

i did this and it burst into flames below my arm! i’m okay but extremely shocked
if something is on fire on the burner and there’s a lid for your pot/skillet, slap that bad boy on it.

fires cannot do their thing without oxygen. the lid will prevent it from getting more oxygen and the fire will go out.
DO NOT put water on a grease fire!!!! this WILL cause an explosion. If a lid is not available or you don’t know if it’s a grease fire, use baking SODA to smother it.

salt will also smother it but you will need a LOT. if you only have a shaker, don’t try salt.
- sugar
- baking POWDER
- four
- water
- a cloth that is either wet or isn’t a heavy blanket

and PLEASE check your fire extinguishers!! we’ve lived in this house for 10 years and never thought to check ours.
when we REALLY needed it, we found out it didn’t work.
anyway i really hope at least one person reads and remembers this thread.
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