GOP runs as the anti-government party. They get support for blocking legislation. Democrats run on what government can do. GOP knows that if GOP blocks legislation, their supporters approve, 1/
The problem is that if GOP blocks legislation, a lot of people will blame Democrats for not passing that legislation (even when they could not have).
All GOP has to do is keep the federal government f*cked up. Then their supporters love them more and people who *would* support Democrats are mad at Democrats. 3/
The places I run into propaganda troll activity most are : Democrats don’t care about you; Democrats are weak; Democrats didn’t do ‘XYZ’ (when they didn’t have the power to).

- identified as propaganda troll activity by very high rate in the replies of brand new or 10-yr-old no activity until recently activated accounts in the replies. High rate- like more than 50%. 5/
The anti-Democratic activism on the left, even among Democrats, is exactly why the Democrats don’t have the power to do what you want them to do. GOP knows this. 6/
They will be hell-bent on blocking anything the next two years knowing it will lead to GOP wins in 2022. We need those two seats in Congress, we need unity among Democrats in office and out, to get some significant legislation passed. 7/
The internet and zeitgeist are not working to help that.
Inspired by this tweet but you know the drill.
This person is prepped to say Democrats failed as soon as Mitch makes a block.
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