kpop journey:
introduced to kpop 2009-2011 when my sisters would put music videos like supa luv by teentop or lachata by fx or I need a girl/wedding dress by taeyang on the TV
didn’t really hardcore stan groups, more so just followed their releases like EXO, Teen Top, F(x)
And so on bc I was pretty young and was v preoccupied by Disney channel 😔🤚🏽
Only group I really stanned was SHINee
Around 2015 started stanning BTS and GOT7, had phases where I’d stan and then distance myself from Got7 but I was very much ARMY
2016 nct rolls round
Im pretty sure I forced myself to like 7th sense but we move. Started stanning nct dream bc of jisung and that curly hair. Also loved nct 127.
Started stanning blackpink around this time but it was a very casual stan (just releases)
2017 cant remember much but deffo liked i.o.i
Followed I.o.i for a bit but it wasn’t a proper stan. Also in this year I found out ab Felix and how everyone was in love w him and his freckles ( 🥺).
2018 I stan wanna one for like a month, watched produce 101 and started stanning stray kids proper after grrr came out
2018-2019 distanced myself from Got7 and BTS, fell in love with x1 and produce x 101. started stanning TXT. And followed releases from groups like weki meki and rocket punch and itzy.
2020- carat.
throughout the early years I liked many groups whom I didn’t stan
Like hardcore like mblaq lc9 super junior ft island Cnblue and so on
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