When I was ready to move on from my last job I was fortunate enough to have been approached by a handful of studios.

One in particular was an indie studio with 7 owners. All white, all men, all French-Canadian.
Even more, the four I met were all gym rats with tattooed arms who rode motorcycles. None of these things were bad, but none of these things were me.

They were very friendly, and they wanted to diversify, and reaching out to me was clearly a step in the right direction, but:
- I had no evidence that someone like me would be promoted.
- I had no evidence that they actually cared about diversity and inclusion.
- I had no evidence that I would be listened to or taken seriously.
- I had no incentive to roll the dice.
If you're wondering why your studio/initiative/project has a hard time attracting people who don't look like you, then maybe this thread can help shed some light.

You should keep trying to diversify your teams, but you'll have a harder time doing so the longer you put it off.
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