. @BrianRMotherway is joining us from after midnight in Paris - thanks for staying up for us!

Join us to hear how the world is powering the #EconomicRecovery through #EnergyEfficiency
The @IEA Sustainable Recovery Plan heavily focuses on #EnergyEfficiency, because it's a #JobsMachine

Building efficiently delivers jobs & locks in efficiency that will be with us for decades - it just makes sense

Some utilities are making #DemandManagement fun, acknowledging that not every consumer will have a spreadsheet of their energy use compared with the weather & presence of their children, like EEC CEO @lukemenzel🤓📊
Next up we have @JoyceLHenry, Director of the Office of Energy Efficiency, Natural Resources Canada

Thanks for joining us, Joyce!


Join us - Register here: http://sprintr.eventsair.com/neec2020/neecc2020/Site/Register
There's a real consensus in Canada that #EnergyEfficiency is a key pathway to #EconomicRecovery and #JobCreation

Energy efficiency accounts for 1/3 of Canada's planned emissions reductions under the Paris Agreement

@JoyceLHenry #NEEC20
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