Did Jack (Gowon) plunder our Central Bank while in power?

It is often said he did.

Anecdotal evidence:

1) 1967 - 1970 were years of war profiteering;
2) 1973 -19975 were years of the global oil crisis. Nigeria made oil money. A lot ( in Trump's voice)
It is often said that Nigeria made so much money that when the US government cut back on its overseas foreign aid of $35b, then CBN Gov late Clement Isong scorned it off and jokingly described it as "a drop in the ocean"
3. When Murtala Muhammed ( who himself looted CBN Benin in 1967) sacked Jack in 1975, he raised the allegation of corruption against Jack
Truth is: Jack's government was so corrupt that every facet of Nigeria was tainted. Jack countered that he was sacked a poor General. Strangely, he had the most expensive education at Warrick while in exile
There's much of our history hidden in plain sight. Sadly, our people prefer rogues and it is for this reason they still occupy our quarters of governance.

Ask: Why can't the Great Oracle become the next President, 2023?
Some fellas will tell you he has no experience.

They're right.

He has no experience in roguery!

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