Still getting dopey wingnuts in my mentions claiming Biden is going to bend the knee to China, even as he packs his administration full of virulent anti-China hawks. This is your brain on media echo chambers.
You shouldn't be worried about your government being too nice to China. You should be worried about your government ramping up a world-threatening multi-front cold war against two powerful nuclear-armed nations for the first time in human history.
Anyone who tells you a US president is going to be "soft" on a nation with which the US is actively in conflict, you are being played. Aways, always, always, always. It's just people manipulating you away from your natural, healthy inclination toward peace.
The truth of this is immediately evident to anyone who studies US foreign policy through a nonpartisan lens and isn't a blithering imbecile:
Look at this asshole. This asshole is always wrong about foreign policy. Never listen to this asshole.
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