Hello, welcome to the June WRESTLE WIPE THREAD! In this thread we're going to be running down all the news & notable events of June 2020.
Please read the preamble before scrolling through to the main portion of the thread, as that's where I'll address the handling of Speaking Out.

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Before I properly begin the thread, here's what happening with the biggest collective story to come out of June, and possibly the biggest wrestling story of the past ten years, Speaking Out.
WrestleWipe threads tend to have an air of heavy satire, sarcasm, slight bitterness and pseudo-social criticism. For this reason, I don't think it's suitable or acceptable to review Speaking Out in the same pompous, air-headed fashion.
It's also irresponsible of me to run through the story without giving a trigger warning, and it's irresponsible of me to muddy any legal waters surrounding these cases.
So firstly I'm going to go through the month of June without mentioning Speaking Out or any story related to the movement at all. After the last news piece of June is done, I'll then go into the Speaking Out portion of the thread.
This part of the thread will be done in a much more straight-laced manner, and it will also include an explanation beforehand. It will also act as a chance for people to exit and avoid carrying on to read about the subject.
If you're new to the Wrestle Wipe threads, I pretty much update these threads in real time until the very end, but this time I'm attempting to use a tool to post it all at once. Fingers crossed, all the formatting works and tweets work!
I meant to get to this June thread a lot sooner but I had to let a lot of things play out first. Again, this is potentially the biggest story of the decade and hindsight is a blessing.

Now that's all out of the way, let's begin the JUNE 2020 WRESTLE WIPE!
- After the passing of his wife in April, Danny Havoc sadly passes away.
- Jaxon Ryker tweets out that he is "thankful" for the Trump US presidency, and ends it with his super-dumb catchphrase. This prompts Ali, Batista, Joey Janela, Kevin Owens, Ricochet, Sami Zayn and more to come down hard on the fucking idiot.
- To make matters worse, an old FB post from Ryker gets posted where he declares that he is baffled by BLM & challenges any person of colour to watch '12 Years A Slave' and "realize how good you all actually have it", showing that Ryker hasn't grown or learnt anything at all.
- Ryker and the Forgotten Sons (Cutler & Blake) haven't appeared on WWE TV events since May, as it looks like their push on Smackdown was halted due to this. It's a shame for Cutler & Blake as they tried to distance themselves from the Ryker's incredibly stupid outbursts.
- Big Trump Fund Raiser WWE and Owl Nazi Impact Wrestling start their weekly shows with boilerplate, generic statements regarding George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement.
- Drake Maverick loses on the final of the Cruiser weight Classic & makes his way up the ramp looking sad because he is now jobless. But PSYCHE! Out comes Uncle H with a contract that Drake signs with a big, teary smile on his face without even reading it. Hooray! Shitehawks!
- With "Pull up yourself up by your bootstraps, poor people!" capitalist propaganda becoming the focus of the CWC, no one cares who actually won it. The winner was El Hijo del Fantasma. Wait, the guy who used to be King Cuerno? He should've won the big NXT strap on his debut.
- WWE tries doing training sessions online, starting with the new recruits. It must be a difficult task, I mean how do you teach indie wrestlers to perform loud, mid-match in-ring monologues over Zoom?
- Fightful Select reports that Shawn Michaels got into a heated debate with another WWE producer about systematic prejudice and equality in America, with Michaels taking a left-wing stance. I bet half my ballsack that the producer in question was Road Dogg.
- A fan asks CM Punk why AJ Styles hasn't spoke out about BLM, with CM replying, “Well. Come on. That one has been obvious for years".

AJ later dodges this during an interview, saying he doesn't respect Punk, & that his WWE job is to distract fans from the outside world.
- WWE consolidates the creative teams into one, with long-time bootlick Bruce Pritchard at the helm & Paul Heyman being removed from his executive director role. WWE refer to this move as "streamlining" whilst I refer to it as "plugging a round hole with a square plug".
- More reports about the COVID testing & health measures at WWE tapings flare up; it ranges from the audience being barred from wearing masks, a report saying that masks aren't "enforced" & WWE saying that only friends & family are present whilst also not denying the mask ban.
- In a class action complaint against WWE, an anonymous ex-employee confirms most, if not all, of the harrowing details behind the infamous Saudi hostage situation, including armed guards blocking exits & being told by stewards that 'somebody' doesn't want them to leave.
- Over on RAW (yes the show still exists), Christian makes his return to face Randy Orton in an unsanctioned match. He is swiftly beaten by the Chinlock Master and RAW gets a slight ratings bump that I'm sure will kickstart an upward trend for WWE.
- WWE's vision of heatless indie wrestling in cavernous gyms & halls is laid to rest as EVOLVE goes on hiatus, WWN splits into multiple companies, Facebook pages are shut down, refunds on tickets aren't delivered & the indie scene loses it's most notable finishing school.
- Ares El Guerrero sadly passes away, aged 50.
- NXT hold a special edition of IN YOUR HOUSE, with the most notable takeaway being the fucking awful comedy segments with DX. Fucking hell lads, pack it in.
- The Impact rumour mill runs heavy with Russo's name, indicating that he may have a secret creative role within Impact & that he was set to 'debut' during their April TNA-themed show. I wish I could base my entire career off 2 years of success & 18 years systematic failure....
- Big E and Kofi Kingston both take a knee together in the ring on Smackdown in solidarity to BLM.
- The utterly trite Jeff Hardy DUI angle continues with Sheamus getting covered with Hardy's own slash on Smackdown. This actually happened.
- On the topic of SD!, AJ Styles moved over to the blue brand after having a horrible time on RAW under director Paul Heyman. Apparently, AJ couldn't get along with Paul & he couldn't handle the RAW locker room taking the piss out of his bad politics & Flat Earth bollocks.
- Total Bellas beats both AEW and NXT in the week-long RATINGS WAR, proving once again the drawing power of the modern day Misawa, Nikki Bella.
- R-Truth joins the BLM protests like the wonderful human being that he is. I've always got time for K-Kwik. Splendid bloke.
- New Japan USA holds top-secret TV tapings in LA, which is good news for those who want more weird, empty venue wrestling. At least this project has Tom Lawler though, and keeps customs camera men in business.
- Edge sustains an injury whilst filming the GREATEST MATCH EVER, further cementing his comeback as the most incredibly unrewarding return storyline since Ahmed Johnson's WCW run.
- So THE GREATEST MATCH EVER; it was taped & blemishes were removed so it can't be talked about as an actual pro wrestling match, and it also suffered from WWE's usual COVID shit like embarrassing fake crowd noise & sterile production, but it was....fine, I guess? Maybe?
- On a positive note for Edge vs RKO, I 'll give credit for the nice touch of paying homage to the Fink during the introductions. It's just a shame that Micheal Cole never offered the same kind courtesy when Fink made a cameo for CM Punk's entrance at Survivor Series 2011.
- Bruce Pilchard cements his postilion as top WWE writer by having Akira Tozawa dress up in a gi with a gang of ninjas, and also having the Big Show return to RAW in 2020. Welcome back to the shit show, sir.
- 'Good Egg' Randy Orton chats to CBS about BLM;

"I started listening to my black brothers & sisters, especially the ones I've known for years...I was hearing firsthand accounts of interactions w/ cops that took advantage of the situation...Thats when the light bulb went off."
- Not only does WWE have issues with COVID, they also have security issues as the mad fan who was shot outside the PC years ago whilst stalking the joint returned to the scene of the crime, and had to be removed by WWEs security.
- WWE cancels a set of taping as developmental wrestlers test positive for COVID. WWE employees aren't even immediately told about this, as most only find out when the news hit social media, along with rumours that WWE did not allow the audience to wear masks at a RAW taping.
- Nathan Cruz logs on to kickstart another fucking rant about star ratings, YOU'VE NEVER TAKEN A BUMP!, fans not being fans etc etc. If the wrestling biz wants to be taken as seriously as movies, games & videos, it has to stop being so thin-skinned when it comes to critique.
- As an epilogue to the Cruz saga, he would soon delete his Twitter account after he got triggered by an "OK BOOMER" reply from Mad Kurt. Such luminaries as Mikey Whiplash & Aston Smith also get up in a huff because, again, WRESTLERS HAVE THE THINNEST SKIN IMAGINABLE.
- This of course leads to more wrestlers rushing to their social media apps again to compare how the 'abuse' they receive online compares to that of Hana Kimura, because wrestling, wrestlers and the wrestling community is a full-on dumpster fire, even at the best of times.
- After numerous positive tests, WWE finally starts testing for COVID (as in the nose gimmick, not just temperature checks). Mojo Rawley even films himself enthusiastically getting tested, almost as if he is thrilled WWE are finally fucking doing something.
- Under the watchful eye of Brucie Pritchard, WWE becomes a haven for cartooney bullshit trying to masquerade as 'comedy'. I have to believe that the average WWE writer loves Dane Cook, Mrs. Brown's Boys and Big Bang Theory, as this is lowest-common denominator trash.
- New Japan comes firing in with their first show of the pandemic era! It was a triumph seeing all the big boys back, they didn't over stay their welcome & they did a better job of it than WWE had. Unfortunately, the stench of empty venue wrestling was still thick in the air.
- Hey, we haven't talked about Tammy Sytch in a while! She logged on to state that rioters are all 'animals' & that having a DUI doesn't make herself a criminal. I dunno, I'd say I'm more in danger of being hit by a fucking drunk driver than someone looting a Walmart. Fuck off.
- Oh, Tammy also doubles down with this shitheap tweet when confronted about her garbage opinions:
- PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reports that the WWE locker room and staff are very worried for themselves and their family's health, except for one talent who believes it's all a "big work". I'll bet my other nutsack on Ryker, Weurtz, Dogg or AJ.
- During what was a looooong day of taping various shows, WWE's schedule is thrown into jeopardy in the middle of a session as COVID test results slowly trickle out throughout out the day. The whole situation is said to be a clusterfuck.
- Pat Buck is brought back to WWE as a producer after being let go back in April, which makes him the first COVID rehiring during WWE's collar-tightening cost-cutting CASH IS KING measures.
- ICW (the grotty American one, not the grotty Scottish one) part ways with Chris Dickinson as he couldn't make their July 4th date. The two feds have had a strained relationship ever since Josh Barnett worked himself into a shoot & pulled Chris from an ICW 'Mania show.
- Sammy Guevara is suspended & his salary goes to the Women's Center of Jacksonville after comments he made about Sasha Banks on a 2016 podcast surfaced; "When I was at WWE, I wanted to just go fucking rape that woman". Sasha later says that Sammy apologised to her.
- GCW holds one of the first public COVID wrestling shows in the US with an event at an outside venue in Indianapolis.
It looks well policed & socially distanced, but I hope this doesn't give them too much confidence to go bigger because that would be very ill-advised...
- After being released by WWE as part of their cuts in April, Sarah Logan says that she is done with wrestling for the foreseeable future.
- Ricky Starks appears on Dynamite to answer Cody's open challenge, with Tony Khan stating that Starks had now signed with AEW.
- There's rumblings of a COVID outbreak at AEW due to a fair chunk of the roster having close relationships with members of the WWE/NXT roster, as well as some still taking indie bookings. This makes the whole scene and business look real grim.
- Renee Young confirms that she does indeed have COVID, which bridges that direct gap between the AEW and WWE rosters. She is then throttled with abuse by the typically crazy WWE fans and Jon Moxley stans.
- Tessa Blanchard is released by Impact Wrestling after refusing to send in promos and looking increasingly likely that she wasn't going to leave her husband in Mexico in order to appear at Slammiversary.
- Eager to be as weird & annoying as possible, WWE nicknames the Extreme Rules PPV as "The Horror Show". Not only does it make no sense & doesn't roll off the tongue well, it's a horror-themed wrestling show in the middle of fucking summer.
- The Fifth Pillar (or "The Supporting Wall") Jun Akiyama leaves All Japan to embark on a lengthy DDT excursion.
- NOAH announces that they will no longer be running Sumo Hall in November due to the on-going pandemic.
- In what is a staggering turn, the original DVDVR thread for the infamous Wrestling Sleaze List is unearthed and the original poster was a user by the name of COACH TONY K. Yep, you read that right! Tony Khan started the infamous sleaze list!
- QT Marshall is pulled from Dynamite after coming into contact with a COVID positive person.
- WrestleTalk get reprimanded by TJ Wilson for incorrectly reporting that he had COVID.
- AEW holds a Fyter Fest press conference on Dynamite, and the video is uploaded to AEW's official YouTube channel with the unfortunate typo of "TNA CHAMPIONSHIP PRESS CONFERENCE".
- After AEW begins their Fyter Fest build, NXT announce that the Great American Bash will take place on the same day! I'm sure Trips has had this booked since May 2009, it's just a coincidence & not at all NXT being weaponized to stop AEW hitting a million viewers every week.
- Another boatload of COVID-positive tests land in WWE's lap. Despite this, WWE still go ahead with their regular taping schedule. Hell, Jamie Noble reveals he tested positive for the virus & WWE carried on with that day's tapings regardless.
- Sean Ross Sapp reports that Micheal Elgin & Sami Callihan got into a fight backstage whilst putting together their match. According to SRS, it started to brew when they couldn't agree on how their match should start before it escalated & Scott D'Amore separated the two.
- TJP logs on to r/WrestleWithThePackage (probably NSFW, btw), to argue with people who think he's lost attractiveness since unleashing his real bad opinions on the world. A very, very normal thing to do.
- NXT has a surge of popularity, as they beat AEW in the demos, tied them in another and only very narrowly lost the 18-49 demo. Can they take advantage of this opening? Will NXT rise to the top of their stupid fucking tree?
- WWE confirms that Velveteen Dream has been released..................from hospital after getting into a car accident the same day. So close.
- CZW Tantrum Master Low Ki posts about "respect"; he "respects" our right to "remain ignorant" & "be ruled by fear" & we must "respect" his decision to not wear a mask, take vaccines & socially distance.....I hope Low Ki respects my decision to refer to him as a bellend.
- WWE have this seriously weird 'Undertaker Appreciation' night on Smackdown, & it ends with a load of wrestlers around the ring chanting, clapping and wanking off Undertaker whilst Jeff Hardy does 'Takers pose. He's not actually dead you daft fucking plebs.
- Wrestling Inc reports that WWE higher-ups weren't very happy with Renee Young going public about her COVID diagnosis. Apparently, contracting this major illness during a pandemic in a contract sports environment must be kept on a hush-hush, need-to-know basis.
- Bryan Alverez reports that Vince McMahon thinks COVID is just the flu; "There’s a lot of people in this country that still believe, at worst, it’s a bad flu. The impression that I have been given from people within the company is that’s Vince’s mindset".

That explains a lot.
- "A lot of the stuff he says, I say 'Dude you're right but say it a little differently'...The best thing about (him) is he's a disruption, whether you agree with him or not, he's not the status quo" - Mayor Kane's opinion on reality TV Star, Donald Trump.
- Necro Butcher confirms that he has stage 3 Hodgkin's disease, which is sad but unsurprising considering how he's looked during his few annual public appearances. He's 46 but looks like he's 76.
This is the end of the June 2020 thread! Carrying on below after this will be the Speaking Out portion of June 2020. If you're choosing to exit here, let me first say thank you for reading and please like/RT/follow/share and all that good stuff! Cheers!
Hi, this is the Speaking Out portion of the thread. This is how it's going to work;

1. I am not going to name any of the accusers.
2. I am not going to post screenshots, photos or tweets.
3. I am not going to go to into much detail about the accusations.
4. I will be naming those accused, but only where there has been notable follow-up stories or their involvement plays a key part in the movement. I have no desire for this to turn into one of those questionable Twitter accounts that just lists names with little context.
I did my best to include as wide a scope as possible and weave a basic narrative whilst keeping from mentioning specific cases and accusations for the most part. If any case or person has been left out, it's either accidental or there was no further action to report.
A lot of these cases are active police investigations and/or about to go to court so please don't ask me for any evidence/Tweets/examples of what is laid out here. These are legal deep-waters.
If you want to find out more information on any of the names mentioned here, or even any of the names not mentioned here, just search this site using the Speaking Out hashtag.
Apologies if you're after something more in-depth, but I don't have the backing of a journalist's legal team (also I'm not a journalist, far from it).
In future Wrestle Wipes I might elaborate a bit more on certain cases if they pop up again during that month, but right now it's not something I'm comfortable with when talking about so many names and so many cases all at once.

Thanks for understanding.
In the next tweet, the recap of the Speaking Out timeline will begin.
- The wrestling world is shocked to it's core when numerous people come forward with horrifying accounts that deal with abusive wrestlers & promoters.
Every hour brought more stories & accusations, and deafening silence from others, and would become to be known as Speaking Out.
- The landslide began on June 17th with David Starr being outed as a consistent abuser. Starr posted several defensive notepad tweets and even mentioned that he penned these initial statements a while back, almost like he knew this public reckoning was coming.
- After running a paid-for Twitter ad campaign with a series of promoted tweets to defend himself, Starr seemed okay at this being the end of his career, stating, "No matter what I say, I'm the bad guy. No pity party. It is what it is", before deactivating his Twitter account.
- After Starr's takedown, wrestler's such as WALTER post "Yeah I told you all so, didn't I?" tweets to celebrate. Y'know, gloating about this whilst obviously having prior knowledge beforehand & still not doing anything about it doesn't make you good the guy here.
- The allegations, accusations & harrowing stories then start flooding in thick and fast; big names, notable names, small names, local names, some remain nameless, but all paint a picture of an ungoverned, corrupt & horrific wrestling scene where abuse is rampant & normalised.
- The movement had a domino effect. Jordan Devlin, Scotty Davis & Jack Sexsmith all got hit with their own accusations after posting statements about Starr's allegations.
- Josh Bodom then gloats about the scene crumbling before he's quickly served with an allegation of his own.
- This is when all the Notes App defences starting coming out, that honestly were so badly written that they did more harm than good. Themes such as victim blaming, gas lighting , "Oh woe is me" and "Oh I was drunk" are consistent throughout.
- Dan Maloney is supportive and very vocal during all of this, posting tweets, statements and videos about the movement. He's passionate, angry and raw with his output. Pete Dunne is also very vocal and puts himself out there as much as possible in solidarity with the movement.
- The BBC reports that the West Yorkshire Police are "carrying out initial enquiries" in regards to the Speaking Out cases.
- WWE holds an emergency meeting to discuss the NXT-UK talents with allegations, and they release a statement regarding accusations levied at Jordan Devlin; “We take any allegation of this nature very seriously and are looking into the matter.”
- Some wrestlers & trainees go all out in defending the accused against trainer/trainee relationship allegations ("It's not illegal!" & "16 IS THE LEGAL AGE IN THE UK!", for example), which is a startling example of how deep and fast the rot has set in the British scene.
- Bobby Fulton takes to Twitter in order to defend Jim Cornette against allegations, but 90 minutes later he is backtracking on his own previous comments after properly investigating the situation.
- We The Independent dissolve David Starr's relationship with the company. WTI's aims for unionisation and protection for British pro wrestlers is now quite weary, as Starr was the major force behind them and they'll now be forever be soiled with his image.
- PROGRESS release their first statements regarding Speaking Out. Their initial posts are ill-advised at best, & boil down to them referring to SO as the "Darkest Timeline", pointing out that they aren't responsible & attempting to absolve themselves by any means necessary.
- Matt Riddle questions the credibility of his accuser by DM'ing a BritWres interviewer and saying that WWE is going to press charges. Matt Riddle's wife also DM's people about the situation, claiming that they got a restraining order against the accuser last year.
- On June 19th, Speaking Out is covered as the lead story on Talksport's late afternoon news segment. Alex Shane, who was associated with Talksport, would step down from all his TS postilions after allegations are made public about him.
- WWE rolls out the same old boilerplate corporate speak about Matt Riddle's accusations where they state they're "taking these matters seriously" for the time being.
- Bayley uses her large social media platform to tweet out a statement that shows her support for the Speaking Out movement. She ends it with "We're here for you. My heart is with you all".
- Many more show their support for the movement on their social media accounts including Paige, Big E, Kay Lee Ray, Mia Yim, Big Swole, Tucker, Shazza McKenzie, Allysin Kay & Keith Lee.
- Any mention of Matt Riddle's incoming Smackdown debut are removed from WWE's website, inciting rage in a few sad few WWE hardcores who believe that this is all an online scam by AEW fans to ruin Riddle's debut.
- Rockstar Pro Wrestling severs all ties with the OI4K Wrestling Academy after several allegations are made against Dave Crist. Then promotion then states that they'll be launching a new wrestling school fronted by Zachary Wentz.
- Black Label Pro servers ties with Jonathon Wolfe after allegation are made against him.
- PROGRESS update their talent suspensions & departures by announcing that Starr, Banks & Marc 'Paz' Parry are gone, & suspending Devlin & Scotty Davis, but some question why Devlin & Davis are simply suspended & not outright let-go.
- Whilst not naming any names, TIDAL Wrestling states that they will no longer be working with those accused, and that includes halting their relationship with 4GW.
- The London School Of lucha Libre puts out a statement that they're formally committing to having a female present at their training sessions and appoint Nina Samuels as the assistant coach.
- Jim Cornette states that chat screenshots that accuse himself & his wife are faked as they show recent profile pictures, but he is quickly shot down when it's pointed out that FB always updates the photos of users in messages, regardless of if the parties are still 'Friends'.
- David Lagana resigns from his position as NWA VP after allegations made towards him. NWA also halts the production of NWA content whilst they restructure the management team.
- As more pressure is mounted in regards to accusations against WWE talent, WWE rolls out a statement to wrestling media outlets stating that they have "zero tolerance for matters involving domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assault".
- Matt Riddle's lawyer posts a statement about the on-going allegations, only he does so by printing out the statement on an A4 sheet of sticky labels and taking a photo of it.
- Devlin and Ligero release statements on their accusations that are ten minutes apart from each other and contain almost identical language. Both deny the accusations and talk about taking legal action.
- Rev Pro, Attack Pro & wXw release statements about Speaking Out; Attack Pro cuts ties with all accused parties, Rev Pro's statement reassures it's staff & fans that they can always come to them with any issues, & wXw state they'll be investigating every mention of wXw.
- After accusations are made public in Speaking Out, Kobald is removed from the CHIKARA roster.
- AEW announces that Jimmy Havoc has entered rehab to address his "mental health and substance abuse challenges". They also state that they are evaluating his status within the company.
- Inspire Pro Wrestling ends their working relationship with Andy Dalton after allegations about him emerge.
- Meltzer doesn't make much of a social media statement on SO but he does approach the subject in the WON with a pretty generic report that doesn't reveal anything substantial, although he does regale with revulsion how back in the territory this was all considered 'normal'.
- WWE releases Jack Gallagher, with no future endeavours or good luck statement, after allegations are made against him.
- Schadenfreude releases a statement that addresses the Speaking Out movement but it comes way too late considering how close the four are to the scene and how popular they are with the younger audience.
- Martin Zaki is removed from the Fight Club Pro management team after allegations are made towards him. FCP tweet out a Trent Seven-penned statement but it's questionable how much they knew beforehand considering Zaki used the FCP Twitter account.
- Fight Club Pro come under more questioning due to their heavy ties with several of the accused (including their head trainer), their long meet'n'greet sessions & their after-party culture.
- MLW releases ring announcer Mark Haggerty after allegations are made public, and other promotions also severe all ties with him.
- Dave Meltzer says that WWE have known about Matt Riddle's allegations fore a long time, so they most likely came to a conclusion about them way before SO began. Riddle was still being a pushed as a featured star through the rest of June.
- A tweet from the PROGRESS account talks about how huge change is needed. It alludes to a new management team taking over from the previous owners, and that Vicky Haskins and James Amner are taking on leadership roles. It is signed off by Michael Oku.
- Joey Ryan and BAR Wrestling deactivate their Twitter accounts after a huge flurry of accusations and allegations come out against Ryan.
- wXw respond to allegations made against two former trainers at their wrestling school by reassuring people that the names in question hadn't been with the company since 2018, and they'll privately give out those names to anyone who asks.
- Mike Quakenbush resigns as the head trainer of the Wrestle Factory and closes down CHIKARA after several allegations about him, his promotion and his wrestling school come out.
- Hallowicked, Kimber Lee, Frightmare and Dasher Hatfield all announce their resignations from CHIKARA in the wake of the Mike Quakenbush allegations, as well many other wrestlers and students.
- Due to the CHIKARA fallout, the planned CHIKARA video game is quickly stripped of any association with the brand by the developers.
- The Joey Ryan Memorial edition of Being The Elite, and other episodes that heavily feature Joey Ryan, are removed from YouTube. HighSpots also remove BAR Wrestling from their On-Demand Network.
- Impact Wrestling release Joey Ryan and Dave Crist due to their associated allegations.
- wXw sever all ties with Julien Pace and Jay Skillet after students come forward with inappropriate actions they took.
- Horrifying stories surface around promotions such as IPW-UK in regards to a 16 year old girl being fed alcohol and passed around locker rooms in sexual situations.
- In what would become an infamous post that will have fans demanding a follow-up for months, ROH announces an investigation into the allegations made against their roster members and assures us that they'll let us know when the investigation concludes.
- After being suspended by Impact Wrestling a week prior due to being implicated in several Speaking Out accusations, Impact Wrestling announce that "Michael Elgin will not be appearing in any further IMPACT Wrestling programming".
- El Ligero and Travis Banks are released by WWE due to SO allegations. Much like Jack Gallagher, their profiles are completely deleted from WWE's website and they aren't listed in the alumni section.
- Brandon Stroud deletes his Twitter account after several allegations are made against him before he is fired from Uproxx.
- RIPTIDE and ATTACK! announce their indefinite hiatus from wrestling shows.
- Marty Scurll issues an apology/explanation of accusations about him, and it goes down so badly that he has to issue a second one.
- Several talents remove themselves from ECCW's roster after numerous accusations against the promotion.
- O'Shay Edwards cuts all ties with Prime Time Pro Wrestling after accusations against the promotion come out.
- An accusation made about Trent Seven is deleted by the accuser due to action from Trent Seven's legal team. The accuser then tweeted an apology to Trent Seven and directed all question's to Trent's legal representation.
- Due to the sizeable number of implicated names on the BritWres scene and in NXT-UK specifically, there are reports of more emergency meetings within WWE to determine the future of the bottom-tier off-shoot NXT brand.
- Mike Quackenbush and Joey Ryan both release their own videos that attempt to defend themselves against the allegations, and these are not very well received.
- Michael Oku leaves his new leadership position at PROGRESS after leaked private messages show him using inappropriate language.
- It's reported that El Ligero's parents are harassing his accusers with guilt trips and insults. Ligero deletes his Twister account after this is publicly addressed.
- Whilst PROGRESS experience severe ups-and-downs with their handling of the situation, ICW are thrown into a similar pit with FCP, what with their connections to many of the accused and their own their after-party culture.
- NXT UK referee Joel Allen is released from WWE after comments he made on a leaked pre-Speaking Out David Starr video.
- NXT UK referee Chris Roberts is released from WWE due to accusations made about him during Speaking Out.
- Joe Coffey is suspended whilst WWE investigates his Speaking Out allegations.
The much anticipated NXT-UK meeting comes and goes without much change to the brand or roster. It was simply there to serve as an internal dialogue and lay down the next steps, and those next steps include NXT-UK staying putt.
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