These days with all the renewable options, almost any new home can be build to a net zero carbon emissions standard.

Between Solar
And the rest

Your new home really doesn't even need the grid

Imagine no overhead lines in your neighborhood.
We're moving on from 45, Biden will be in and there'll be a big scream for social justice, political reform, Judicial review and the rest.

Well we've got some ideas for housing, urban development and transportations that will repurpose subsidies and mitigate the climate crisis
Couple of hints; build a super insulated home, R-40 walls R-60 ceilings, R30 floor. use a combo of wind and solar for elect with a back up diesel generator rigged to burn biofuels. use geothermal for heat. Stick frame on a triodetic style foundation. Steel roof wood windows ;-)
So lets start with the foundation. In frozen or unstable soils like in much of Canada or Alaska people are using Triodetic style foundations

No excavating costs, made from recycled metal and any two hoodlums can assemble it, and my favorite part, no concrete = no CO2 emissions.
Frame, wood, western platform style, there's tons written on it & it's fast. build a second wall inside all exterior walls so you can fit the R-40 insulation. leave room for trim around the windows & doors. don't get fancy, just use fiberglass insulation. Looks complicated, isn't
I'll be stunned if anyone actually reads this thread ;-)

OK exterior treatment, Metal standing seam roof, it's a recycled material, not a petroleum product and not a concrete product. Same for wood or wood composite siding. Stone skirt.

And enjoy.
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