🚨 BREAKING: @AliMayorkas will be the new Secretary of @DHSgov.

Leading this department will be no easy task, but we hope that as the 1st Latinx & someone who has advocated for immigrant rights, he'll change the direction of DHS once and for all.
Mayorkas played a crucial role in the creation of #DACA as the Director of USCIS under the Obama Admin.

We look forward to the immediate expansion of the program AND the dismantling of the detention and deportation machine that was created under Obama and expanded by Trump.
@DHSgov is a department that was built in the wake of 9/11 to protect the U.S. from terrorists — only for it to now be used to terrorize immigrants.

The new Biden admin must recognize this and immediately change course.
This starts by eliminating the “good vs bad immigrant” narrative and immediately starting the process of dismantling rogue agencies like @ICEgov and @CBP in order to prevent further human rights abuses at the border and the interior of the country. #AbolishICE
Our work is #RootedInCommunity, not in a D.C. echo chamber. We'll continue to organize & advocate for those who've been historically left out & we won't stop until there is relief for ALL of us.

Now is not the time to rest, but to reset & make our goals clear to the new admin.
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