BREAKING (CNN): Mike Flynn Lawyer Sidney Powell—Who Accused Trump Ally Brian Kemp of Conspiring with the CIA and Venezuelan Communists—Was Indeed "Fired" From Trump's Legal Team (Note: Trump Lawyer Giuliani Continues to Represent a Venezuelan Oligarch Tied to Putin Puppet Maduro)
(PS) Potential reasons for firing Powell include the optics of her teary presser; her feud with Trump adviser Tucker Carlson; the attention she might draw to Rudy's Venezuela work; and the logistics of Trump pardoning Flynn. Her crazy theories would *not* have been disqualifying.
(PS2) Trump has pushed the Dominion conspiracy theory as hard as Powell, so it wasn't her conspiracy theories that sank her. Besides the possibilities I just noted, her veiled attack on Senate GOP candidates—which Joni Ernst (R-IA) took umbrage with—may also have played a role.
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