1. These things are absurd.
2. We’ll keep mocking them.
3. We just had an election. Democrats hold the House, likely the presidency, and maybe the Senate. So I’m fresh out of sympathy. We voted and they heard that we want more of it. Enjoy! https://twitter.com/kdka/status/1330954104731004933
“Americans are sick of lockdowns and ready to rebel.” is silly Rightwing groupthink.

Elections tell you what people want. People want a stimulus check, a mask, and a dementia-addled President who won’t tweet mean things.

Accept who we are. I have.
Talked to a neighbor buddy last weekend. He told me, “Trump lost cause of how he handled coronavirus.”

I asked him what specifically Trump screwed up. We have the vaccine, stopping travel, mobilizing private and federal resources. So what did he screw up? Know what he said?
“The press conferences. He just didn’t sound empathetic.”

That is who we are now. Soft, feminized, and scared. We don’t care if the world burns. We just want someone to had us a blankie and tell us things will be ok as the flames consume us.
And that’s ok. It really is. It’s not what I want, but we don’t live in a dictatorship run by me. We are given a period of history to exist in before we die and this is ours. At least we chose our destiny. Many people never had that opportunity. Still blessed.

That’s all.
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