This is what trans indoctrination of children looks like, from HBO's new documentary promoting and celebrating child abuse. The boy here is 4 years old. His parents decided that he is "gender expansive." Later they decide he's a girl. #BoycottHBO
A couple of years later, the parents get divorced and decide that never mind he actually is a boy. The doc is horrifying and evil but it does unintentionally show that kids become "trans" because their parents are confused, miserable, and projecting issues onto their children.
Four kids featured in the doc. Two are children of divorce, one is the daughter ("son") of a lesbian with no dad in the picture. The other has married parents who are clearly and unashamedly pushing him ("her") into it for attention from the media.
That last child is the saddest story of them all. He repeatedly over the years says he doesn't want to do it, doesn't want the attention, doesn't want to go to marches and activist events, etc, but the parents force him into it and blame him for not being more excited about it.
Goes without saying that all of the dads (the ones who are in the picture at all) are pushovers who go along with whatever their wives or ex-wives want. Just huge lumps of nothingness floating with the breeze while the mothers ruin these kids.
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