The Michigan Board of Canvassers meeting has begun.

Preliminary remarks by Jonathan Brater touts "unprecedented" and "inspiring" public participation during a pandemic.
"Few see or well understand the dedication that it takes to run an election," Mr. Brater observes, adding this means they usually hear from the critics—particularly the unfair one.
"Overall, we had an extremely well run and secure election," Brater notes.
"We have not identified an provision of law" that would allow for a pre-certification audit requested by their critics, Brater notes.
Julie Matuzak moves to certify the election results.

GOP'S Aaron Van Langevelde asks to hear members of the public before voting on the motion, even if he concedes they "have a duty" to certify.

"We have a duty to certify these returns," he adds.
Norman Shinkle is now up, the holdout asking Christopher Thomas about the legality of a no vote.

Thomas replies tells him he cannot.

"Without a yes, you don't have anything. No winners, no losers."
"It doesn't give you the ability to perform pre-certification audits."

If Shinkle has the results, Thomas adds: "I don't think you can adjourn."
"You don't have authority to do an audit," Thomas replies, explaining the law.
Langevelde begins to speak and talks about Thomas's "important" clarifications of the Board's role.

He refers to the statutory language is that the board "shall" certify.

Q: You would agree that this board has a legal duty, correct?
He agrees.
Thomas: The Board is a "ministerial" body, not a "tribunal" to decide legal matters or constitutional questions.

"You are not a body to investigate fraud," Thomas notes.

"You can't really investigate fraud. I mean, the Secretary of State cannot really investigate fraud!"

Every single federal and state court in Michigan has either found fraud allegations meritless. In one instance, the Trump campaign abandoned its suit before the court could hear it.
Daniel Baxter quotes Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address:

"And that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."
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