South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter and producer #PENOMECO’s work, credits and features in K-pop music: A thread 💎
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In no particular order -
💽 Zico - I Am You, You Are Me

Chorus by Zico, Deanfluenza (iirc), Penomeco
* Not credited in the KOMCA
💽 Zico - Artist

Chorus by Zico, Penomeco
* Not credited in the KOMCA
💽 Zico - Genius (Behind The Scene)

Chorus by Zico, Penomeco
* Not credited in the KOMCA

💽 Zico - Bermuda Triangle (feat. Crush, Dean)

Chorus by Zico, Deanfluenza, Crush, Penomeco
* Not credited in the KOMCA

Images from
💽 Block B - My Zone

Lyrics by Zico, Penomeco
💽 Jeong Sewoon - Feeling (feat. Penomeco)
💽 ITZY - Icy

Lyrics by JYP, Penomeco
Rap directed by Penomeco
💽 ITZY - Ting Ting Ting (with Oliver Heldens)

Lyrics by Penomeco, 이스란, 강은정
💽 ITZY - 24HRS

Lyrics by Penomeco
💽 EXO - Tempo

Korean Lyrics by JQ, Penomeco, 유영진

Penomeco created the rap for this song
BONUS: Penomeco performs EXO’s ‘Tempo’ on KBS ‘Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook’
💽 Chanyeol, Sehun - We Young

Korean Lyrics by Penomeco
BONUS: Penomeco shares a short snippet of the ‘We Young’ guide version that he sang
💽 EXO-SC - Say It (feat. Penomeco)
💽 GOT7 - Boom x3

Lyrics by Jackson Wang, BOYTOY, Penomeco
Not exactly K-pop, but this is Penomeco’s work with an award-winning Korean composer, Park Geun-tae

💽 Sam Kim - What about (feat. Penomeco)

Lyrics by Penomeco
Composed by Park Geun-tae, Penomeco, Nermin Harambasic, Devine Channel
💽 Red Velvet - Taste

Lyrics by 박성희 (Jam Factory), Penomeco

Penomeco created the rap for this song
Not K-pop, but this is Penomeco’s work with Riot Games! (and the song is an absolute banger)

💽 Nafla, Penomeco, Yunhway - OPERATOR (prod. APRO)
💽 DAWN - Dawndididawn (feat. Jessi)

Composed by PSY, 유건형, Penomeco

(My guess is that he did the vocal/rap directing for one or more parts)
💽 Jessi - NUNU NANA

Lyrics by Jessi, PSY, Illson (Double K), Penomeco, DAMIAN, johnjohn, JAE RO
Composed by 유건형, Penomeco, 전병일
BONUS: Penomeco shares a small clip of the NUNU NANA guide version he sang (and never shared the full thing with us 😢)
Btw, DAMIAN is Penomeco’s longtime friend where they first started out in music together in 2014 or so, in a now-inactive crew called XVOI. DAMIAN speaks English, having lived abroad for a period of time. Lately he has been writing song lyrics together with Penomeco ☺️
💽 Park Jihoon - Hit it Up (prod. & feat. Penomeco)

Lyrics by Penomeco, DAMIAN
Composed by Penomeco, N-Soul, NOD
💽 Park Jihoon - Dress Code (feat. Punchnello)

Lyrics by Penomeco, DAMIAN, Punchnello
Composed by Penomeco, N-Soul
💽 NCT U - Make A Wish (Birthday Song)

Korean Lyrics by Penomeco, DAMIAN
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