The "push Biden left" socdems & the "anti-woke" socdems are the same people
Which way Western lib?
Ok its a shitpost. Most are not actually the same people but they have the same interests. Bhaskar, Jacobin, NJR, Breadtube, etc are the Verso types. They front as dirtbag but are closer to the Dem centrists materially. Thats why dirtbags hate them cuz they're clearly sheepdogs
for the Dem Party. But dirtbags have a shared intresest in what the oter two factions oppose. The Verso types wanted to eradicate "hoziontalist" elements from the DSA & turn the org into a Bernie campaign machine. In 2018, 2019, many dirtbags we rooting Bernie & thus found
themselves allied with what they would consider "PMC radlibs." Aimee Terese was saying "no one's to the left of Bernie" & now she's ridiculing anyone who supported him. There's also a shared class interest btwn Verso types & dirtbags: they're all grad students, kids of the rich
Difference bten them is one's more "rugged" than the other. But that's just the difference btwn hipster punks & button-downed clipboard holders. Cuz of those associations, you had Jacobin publish many of these clowns in the Pop Left media circuit
It helped the Verso types seem "cool" & also boosted the platform of the dirtbags. So then this DSA split happens, convention fiasco & the coalition collapases. Jacobin was never succesful in destroying LSC and then Bernie lost. So there went their credibility & appeal
Now the dirtbags, the Nagle discpiles, the Aimee reply guys, the RW socdems, these people they never really bought into lib game as hard as the Verso types. Cuz despite coming out of liberalism, they're closer to a different camp: the rightwing.
You can also see dirtbag support of bernie then betrayal of Jacobin types as a RW op to sow discord. These people clearly favored Tulsi. But also the dirtbags are justfied in the turn cuz they were thrown under the bus by Jacobins when Woke Scare discourse exploded to new heights
To understand the "center" of the DSA aka the Verso types, the PMC, you just gotta know that these people are cravenly oppostunist & careerist switchig positions, shifting alliances whichever way the wind blows in order to get ahead. So that's why the draw such uniform hate.
But it doesnt really matter who they all support. They're all in agreement that "abolish the police," ACAB, BLM, antifa, abolish ICE etc are dangerous concepts that need to be opposed. The culture war shit is obfscation cuz every faction materially agrees on normalizing fascism.
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