I was shaken when I read the letter Amnesty signed.
A while ago I read this article by philosophers Robert Talisse & Scott Aiken, on democracy. https://www.3quarksdaily.com/3quarksdaily/2020/11/democracys-hard-truths.html
I just want to quote a few passages from it because I think they're relevant here.
1/ https://twitter.com/iseult/status/1330797760883417090
2/ "Democracy is the ideal of a self-governing society of equals. An immediate upshot of political equality is political disagreement. Among equals, no one get simply to dictate what others must believe about politics. "
3/ "Our political divisions are real and significant. Victors are not required to appease the other side or meet them half-way. Rather than bending to satisfy its critics, the new administration must formulate its agenda in ways that show a due regard for the perspectives and
4/ concerns of their reasonable opponents. This does not require the relaxing of any political view. Rather, it asks the administration to fortify the rationales they provide for their policies."
5/ Democracy asks that we fortify the rationales we provide for our policies.
I am a democrat, and unlike Churchill I do not believe democracy is a poor but least-worst option. I am a democrat because I believe in the fallibility of human beings, including myself.
6/ The demand that democracy makes of us - that we must have strong persuasive argument, that we must allow dissent to be heard, and our arguments to be tested - is our best chance of avoiding error. And the cost of error regarding trans health care & women's rights is high.
7/ Dr Stephen B Levine, a psychiatrist who has worked with trans people since 1974 & who chaired the Standards of Care for WPATH when it was still HBIGDA, said in a 2017 paper
" a survey of 17 international groups dealing with children and adolescents recognized
8/ that ethical dilemmas stemmed from seven unanswered questions:

1. What explains Gender Dysphoria?
2. Is Gender Dysphoria a normal variation, social construct, or mental illness?
3. What role does physiological puberty play in gender identity development?
9/ 4. What is the significance of the frequent psychiatric comorbidities?
5. What are possible physical or psychological effects of early medical interventions or refraining from early medical interventions?
10/ 6. How competent are children to make decisions about their future bodies?
7. How do differing social contexts affect patients' Gender Dysphoria?

Against the background of this uncertainty, Amnesty have signed a letter calling for political & media representation to be
11/ denied those who disagree with them. It is shocking arrogance, and it is profoundly undemocratic.
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