One huge difference between conservatives and liberals is the lack of understanding by conservatives until something happens to them. They don't like gay people, until it turns out their kid is gay! They think poor people are moochers, until they lose their job and need help. 1/5
Now we see it play out in election fraud. The Republicans who are actually responsible for running elections, counting ballots, etc., are saying, "There's no fraud!" But other conservatives are screaming fraud. Weird how the experts seem to know what they're talking about. 2/5
A lot of this comes from a privileged arrogance—white people, esp. white men, are taught from birth that we are smart and the way we see the world is correct. We don't need evidence or data, we only need observe and speak it aloud for something to be true. 3/5
That's how we end up with breathless takes like, "It's snowing again, so much for your global warming!" Many liberals, while far from perfect, at least try to acknowledge that the world is bigger and more complicated than our meager observations can take in. 4/5
The grimmest spectacle of this are the unceasing accounts of sick people in hospitals, literally using their last breaths to say, "I guess this wasn't a hoax after all." While conservatives scream tyranny, we know you can't see a virus, but it's still real and masks work. 5/5
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