I believe there are leaders around the world, including our own, who have bought into the plan to reengineer our global economy. The problem with this grand initiative, which seeks to accomplish a worldwide renovation, is that it forgets about people. 1/7
Canadians are paying the price. It is our industries, the ones that don’t align with this globalist reset, that are suffering. Justin Trudeau is not governing in the best interest of Canadians, he is ignoring us and trying to change the world instead. 2/7
Canadians are going to realize that they are not his main priority. His image and global acceptance are what Trudeau cares about. It’s why he will condemn Israel and praise China, or listen to the misinformation coming from the WHO, instead of his own country’s intelligence. 3/7
We have a Prime Minister who is leading our country down a path of destruction to appease his globalist peers and Canadians are the pawns being played in this dangerous game. 4/7
Instead of working with Canadians to building necessary supports from the ground-up, our government is taking its marching orders from elites in distant lands, and our precious tax dollars are leaving the country along with our Prime Minister’s attentions. 5/7
If there was to be a reset coming out of this pandemic, I would recommend that it be to shrink the size of government and give more authority, influence and power back to the people. 6/7
It is not the government that is going to get our economy back on track, it is going to be the Canadian people. They are the problem solvers, the solutions makers and the wealth creators. 7/7
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