At the height of the protest, community pressure helped pave the way for what city leaders described as a $15 million cut from Portland police coffers. That same level of pressure didn’t materialize in November when further cuts were on the table and ultimately voted down.
The night after the election a BLM march and a more anarchist march found themselves at the waterfront.

Some Black organizers didn’t want to merge the two, unless anarchists agreed not to break windows for the night. Some anarchist agreed, some marched away and broke windows.
“I definitely heard them say, ‘We’re not here to just listen to Black people. We have no leaders, no one decides to tell us what to do.’”

The anarchists split away, smashing windows of businesses indiscriminately, prompting the governor to send in the National Guard.
“You got people in black bloc gear, they can go the next day and be able to go to their job, or go to their school, and be able to live their white life,” Miller said

“Whereas, when the protests die down, I’m still going to be a Black man.“
Social media accounts like PNWYLF encourage more aggressive tactics

but their anonymity stands in contrast to Black and brown activists who find it impossible to conceal their identity in an overwhelmingly white city

PNWYLF was created by a white teenager from the suburbs
Black organizers were careful not to condemn the variety of tactics being employed, even if they themselves chose different approaches.

Some Black organizers found helpful allies among the more radical groups.

Plus, anarchist protesters aren’t a homogenous group or all white.
“The first statue that got pulled down was Teddy Roosevelt on a horse. I was like, ‘No,’”

“I felt conflicted for a minute when they were putting the chains up on it,” Molina said. “And then I was fine because this country has been terrible to the native people.”
Everyone quoted in this article is BIPOC.
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