Dear Americans,
Across our nation, esp in the Midwest, children's hospital beds reserved for sick kids are now being deployed to offload adult hospitals due to surge #COVID19 patients.
Is this normal? No.
But you have given hospitals no choice.
Nashville, Tennessee: Vanderbilt prepping surge beds at Children's Hospital
'Space is tight' in 730-bed main hospital
1) has already cancelled surgeries
2) stopped taking ICU transfers
2) over 230 staff are out sick
I love pediatricians and as a colleague, I know they will answer the call to admit adult patients. But I am disturbed. Is this who we are as a society? Celebrating #Thanksgiving while beds for sick kids are redeployed? What's next? What has our nation become? #mondaythoughts
What will it take for you to just #wearamask #stayhome and #shrinkyourbubble?
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