TIME OUT. I realize that people are exasperated, confused after being bludgeoned by your Gov-Media Complex over last 9 months with incessant #pandemic propaganda & gaslighting. But please step back, see what is happening right now. You're being shoved into Big Pharma's...
Marketing Zone, because your Gov-Media Complex has just spent last 9 months creating an artificial demand for a new 'freedom vaccines' - the *demand* was created by their policies: social distancing, Lockdown, unemployment, masks - pushing the public to the edge, whereby...
... people are desperate for a way out of this artificial hell. Gov-Media create/sustain the problems/blame it all on 'the virus' & now present a range of dubious products as your ticket to freedom. Mechanism: most powerful lobby to Gov is Big Pharma, Gates Foundation, and...
... while large source of advertising for US MSM Media & major ad buyer on Twitter, Google... is that same Big Pharma. That's why they're aggressively censoring "anti vaxx" content. It's not rocket science. The entire chain of Gov-Media-Pharma Complex is corrupt to its core..
In review:

✅WHO fashions 'global pandemic'
✅Gov impose over-the-top harsh policies, building demand for 'solution'
✅Gov-Media gaslighting, Project Fear, sustains crisis, increases demand for 'solution'
✅Big Pharma magically deliver the 'solution'(vaccines)

Any questions?
And Just in time for #Christmas... https://twitter.com/1903george/status/1330849603973996545?s=21
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