1: Afghanistan Conference Geneva: The international community gathers again to commit their financial aid to Afghanistan. This is one of the many conferences held in the last 20 years, yet the dire crisis of war has continued and state building has failed miserably.
2: According to an independent US commission (SIGAR), corruption in the Afghan government is immense and immeasurable, the aid provided by donor countries rarely meet its purpose.
3: Present personnels from the Afghan government in today's conference like Hanif Atmar, acting foreign minister (officially as of yesterday) and Sayed Naderi acting State Minister for peace, both have been cogs in post Taliban governments since 2001.
4: Atmar was literally parachuted in Kabul from a US warplane and has been serving in US and other international aid organisations, as an Interior Minister, National Security Advisor and now as a foreign minister. Sayed Naderi has held official positions just like Atmar,
5: though he didn't arrive in a warplane, he belongs to the "Naderi" family, a rich and influential family in Northern Afghanistan, who have illegaly and successfully mined for minerals since the Russian invasion of Afghanistan in the 70s.
6: The gentlemen who Edward N Luttwak is refering to (in the image below) is Hamdullah Mohib, the Afghan President's family friend, who grew up in the UK and now is the Afghan intelligence chief.
Corruption begins from the very top and remains there, the first Afghan government,
7: Corruption begins from the very top and remains there, the first Afghan government, post Taliban was imported and imposed on the Afghan people in one of these sort of conferences (BONN). The government officials are picked based on nepotism, financial and social status.
8: The road to any sort of stability is not imaginable in near future.
Since Finland is facilitating the conference and having read the account of Pekka Haavisto's on the issue of corruption in Afghanistan, there wasn't any mention of sustainable measures to curve the corruption.
9: This corrupt practice of govt formation in Afg has to be condemned and donor countries shouldn't pass blank cheques to Afg officials whom they know very well, the legitimacy of the Afghan representatives in these sort of conferences should be questioned to fight corruption.
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