Thread on alleged war crimes committed in Nagorno #Karabak.
1/ Several horrendous videos of human rights abuses allegedly committed by Azerbaijani forces against Armenian prisoners of war (POW) & civilians have come to light in recent days.
2/ @hrw has not independently verified them, but it’s worth reiterating fundamental principles of the International Humanitarian Law (IHL):

Execution, torture, humiliation & ill-treatment of POWs are grave breaches of Third Geneva Convention & are war crimes!
3/ Extrajudicial executions & torture during an armed conflict are war crimes. Despoiling dead bodies & other outrages on personal dignity are violations of the laws of armed conflict and may amount to war crimes.
4/ #Azerbaijan authorities should investigate all alleged crimes, including unlawful killings & mutilation of corpses in a prompt, thorough, transparent, & effective manner, up to the highest levels of responsibility.
5/ Azerbaijan reports that it opened investigations . Effective investigation should be able to establish individual and command responsibilities and appropriately prosecute those found criminally responsible.
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