Hinduism is a culture. It is not an organized religion. It is a WAY OF LIFE.

The original name of Hinduism is SANATANA DHARMA.

Rishis, the saints of the ancient age, were actually scientists of that era.

They gave more importance to the truth than to any personal ego.
Rishis had no agenda whatsoever but to search after truth and educate everyone about the unwritten laws of the universe.

They never ever wrote in any of the Hindu scriptures that Hinduism has a monopoly on truth or on God or on salvation.
They believed that when people search after truth, they automatically end up in Hinduism since Hinduism is man's everlasting search after truth.

That is the reason why a Hindu never tries to convert anyone to Hinduism.
A Hindu knows that everyone will finally end up in Hinduism the minute they search after truth.

A flower never goes after the bees. At the same time, millions of bees will come to a flower without any invitation or coaxing.
Similarly, Hinduism does not need any advertising or marketing.
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