Short Thread on why Nicolas Pepe is Gervinho reincarnated:👇🏾
First let’s start with the basics. Pepe and Gervinho are both of Ivorian decent and both coincidentally signed for arsenal at the exact same age (24).
The similarities continue. It is worth noting that the two joined arsenal after having very successful individual seasons with Lille, with Pepe and Gervinho both registering double figures for goals and assists in the season prior to joining arsenal.
First season premier league stats for arsenal. Gervinho vs Pepe

Gervinho Pepe

28 games 31 games
4 goals 5 goals
5 assists 6 assists
Pepe and Gervinho both missing sitters 🤝
Final confirmation that Pepe is indeed the new Gervinho came this weekend when Pepe was shown a straight red card for violent conduct in a 0-0 away game something Gervinho also managed for arsenal when he was sent off for slapping joey Barton that game also finished 0-0.
End of thread. In conclusion to this short thread it is fair to say that lille are the real winners here having received over £82m from arsenal for these 2 players. Hope you enjoyed
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