Many of you have been extraordinary in your support of & desire to learn about the Armenian Genocide & why I won’t stop going on about it & you’ve no idea how much that means. Part of the reason is because little is known about it in the UK; to understand why is very complex /1
I can’t distill this complexity in a thread, & if I’m being honest the continued emotional toll of trying to do so is pretty devastating. I know most of you are aware of the recent events in Artsakh but perhaps the labyrinthine geo political history is too daunting /2
I’d like to suggest a few things that can explain this complexity much better than I ever could. If any of you felt able to take some time to read or watch them it would be appreciated more than you’ll ever know /3
Firstly, a film called Intent to Destroy. It’s an Emmy nominated documentary that is forensic in its understanding of the genocide, the subsequent cover-up & lasting denial of. It’s not an easy watch but it does give comprehensive insight. It’s available on Vimeo for under £4. /4
& 2 books: An Inconvenient Genocide by Geoffrey Robertson & Black Dog of Fate by Peter Balakian. I hope even just a few of you can find time to learn. So when I say again that the UK gov still doesn’t officially recognise the genocide you’ll understand why it’s so devastating. x
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