To be pro-lockdown, one must also be pro-Thin Blue Line.

This explains why so many who claim to be against the police state voted for its chief architect & his running mate, one of its most brutal enforcers.

They aren't against the police state, they want to be in charge of it.
The absurd part is that they aren't in charge of anything, any more than the right was in charge when Trump was in office.

Republicrats are in charge, and they will continue to enforce their whims against the rest of us however they see fit, until we remove them from power.
For those who may be confused, the only way that you can have the government effectively stop everyone from living their lives as usual is to maintain a massive, overbearing police state that is watching your every movement, and is unaccountable for its abuses of the people.
Ending qualified immunity, warrantless surveillance, no knock raids, etc. would make it impossible for these lockdowns to be even remotely enforceable.

That's why the corporate media focused on the racial aspect of police brutality, instead of the power aspect.
By making it about race, they were able to use it to divide people.

If they had made it about the fact that the government has the power, the very ability, to oppress whomever they wish, whenever they wish, that would unite us against a common foe: the militarized police state.
Big Media, and Big Tech, are fully owned by a handful of multinational megacorporations who have a vested interest in keeping Republicrats in office to hand them trillions of your stolen dollars, and a brutal, intrusive police state to protect them against you.
This ends when we end it, and that requires us unifying behind a simple idea: that we do best when we are most free.

And THAT requires giving up the conditioned desire to control the actions of others.

Your choice: freedom, or a false sense of control.
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