23 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

@SidneyPowell1 Represents Us

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What an amazing American Story. First she gives her all to saving @GenFlynn. Then she turns to fight the swamp over the greatest election steal ever. https://twitter.com/GenFlynn/status/1330671677211029506?s=20
2) To my understanding, here's how the story begins. Rudy and Jenna decided to post a notification which, on first blush, looks like they're distancing themselves and the campaign from Sidney. https://twitter.com/JennaEllisEsq/status/1330638034619035655?s=20
3) What a phenomenal development. There are two immediate interpretations that arise. First, Jenna and Rudy appear to distance themselves from Sidney's work. Second, as opposed to distancing themselves, they are actually putting Sidney forward. Again, what a story!
4) In case you haven't seen it for yourself, yet, here is Sidney's statement on topic.
5) Those are the facts of the story. We have to guess at the whys.

Here's my most important guess. The entire Federal Apparatus of the United States is compromised. WH, DOJ, FBI, IC, both Houses of Congress, even SCOTUS albeit less so now than before, the Federal Courts, etc.
6) By WH, I do NOT mean POTUS. Rather, I mean the WH as the location of the Executive Branch of our Government. Our Executive Branch has fought @realDonaldTrump throughout his 1st term and, I guess, there are powerful forces still at play there, opposing him.
7) If I'm right, it gives context to the Trump Campaign statement. As opposed to distancing themselves, they are absolutely putting @SidneyPowell1 forward. They're explaining that they work with her, but she is a 100% independent actor, NOT under their control.
8) Let's stroll back to the $1.7 billion that Obama loaded onto a plane in palettes, flying to Iran in the middle of the night, and all in foreign currency. Forget the $150 billion total, focus only on the $1.7 B. Why? Because it was absolutely illegal to the point of treason.
9) And yet, the Obama apologists and protectors were able to convert this into a 100% legal act, no problem. Imagine that. Why send foreign currency and not simply wire the cash by normal measures? Because our sanctions against Iran made that almost impossible to do.
10) Do you see? Any illegal act may be made "legal" by the DC Swamp's powers. And what, exactly are those powers? They are the near complete corrupt control over virtually every lever of government power.
12) So picture a White House able to employ such mechanisms, and the people who executed those orders. You have to picture this, and I'm going to help you. We're going to turn to medieval castles in order to illustrate.
13) Castles work. They are extremely difficult to break into. Yet, there is always a weakness in even the greatest defensive system. In the back of a castle there is often something called a postern gate. It's where food and supplies are allowed in.
14) Soldiers are often dashingly handsome with all their daring-do. They're often able to catch the eye of a pretty servant, typically a milkmaid. If the milkmaid opens the postern gate to the handsome soldier flirting with her, the enemy forces may then invade the castle.
15) It is my understanding that the vast majority of castle defeats occured this way, as opposed to all out battle. Castles work. But a single milkmaid can defeat all the castle's power.
16) To understand the DC Swamp you have to picture countless 1,000s of corruptible milkmaids. They permeate every office, staff, and department of our vast government. Each and every one of them has the power to defeat the castle of Fortress America.
18) What's all this have to do with @SidneyPowell1, you ask? My theory is that the WH has realized it cannot depend upon the DC Swamp Milkmaids to get the job done, to save America from criminal theft of our election. It's going to take an incorruptible outsider.
19) Let's talk about money. Every dollar the WH pays to anyone for anything comes from taxes. It comes from us at metaphorical gun point. We have to pay taxes regardless of our consent. Dissent to paying taxes is illegal. We won't bring up Thomas Jefferson right now, right?
20) The flow of tax dollars through the government to its minions is simply and absolutely corrupted. The DC Swamp has leveraged players at every check point ensuring compliance with the Swamp's mandates and there's just no way to stop that on a dime.
21) So that's my theory. @SidneyPowell1 is NOT paid by tax dollars, and has taken on America's case at her own risk. Risk? Yeah. She might spend every ounce of her time, energy, knowledge, and capability with no fee or payment at all. She's at 100% financial risk.
22) This brings us to a familiar topic, if you've followed the @GenFlynn case. With infinite resources, the government used every power it had to break this man. Not only did he rack up millions of dollars of legal debt, his entire financial life and wellbeing was on the line.
23) No man is wealthier than the government. When the government decides to dedicate its full resources to the destruction of a man, what man can face that government in all its vast powers? When was the last time we heard about Paul Manafort? How's he doing right now?
24) Our hero Sidney has dedicated every ounce of her ability to saving America from the loss of our democracy. A democracy may be stolen. A republic can't be merely stolen, it has to be destroyed. But one can easily buy the vote. This is the great risk of democracy.
25) There is no way to overestimate the significance of Venezuela's story in all this. First there was Cuba. Communism won Cuba. Try to imagine the significance of that. Having lost almost all of its satellite nations, Communism still held Cuba.
26) And then along came Venezuela. How did Communism take down this wealthy nation? None of us knew, before. It always felt wrong, but after all, it was South America and they're all crazy down there! So, we allowed this. We have to linger there. Who? Who allowed this?
27) He ascended in 1999, which places him under Clinton 1. But at the very end of his term. So, Bush 43 obviously allowed Communism to take control over Venezuela during his entire 8 years. No need to discuss much about Obama and Venezuela. Obviously.
28) No one other than @SidneyPowell1 would ever bring any of this up in real time America today. Hugo Chavez did NOT win the democratic vote honestly. He stole it. How? With the help of the CIA and its technology. The CIA placed Chavez in power. Our CIA.
29) By herself alone, Sidney is telling us that our American election of 2020 was stolen by the exact methods of Hugo Chavez' take over of Venezuela. If you want an Communist Amerika, allow this travesty of an election. Stolen elections are the greatest power of Communism.
30) Let's talk about money again. Taking a case to court costs money. Courts are expensive. They are the abode of the great and the mighty. They tend to offer precisely as much justice as money can buy. Courts are money machines. Please know that.
31) Sidney is taking the case of #WeThePeople to court at her own risk. It will cost millions upon millions of dollars to succeed. Court is expensive, and the DC Swamp controls the courts. Imagine Sidney's risk. Her courage is to fight on, no matter what.
32) What is the government? It has evolved into that power that demands our fees, our taxes, and then uses those fees to propagate its own power. Please mind, this is the 100% opposite of its original design. Listen.

First we fuck Flynn, then we fuck Trump.

Remember that?
33) Money. The Swamp always knows that it has more money than anyone may who attempts to brook its evil power. As the prosecutors have infinite funds to expend attacking any defendant they wish, so also does the Swamp in attacking any who affront its power.
24) I first came to understand this while supporting @GenFlynn. His limited resources were attacked by an infinitely funded special prosecutor, facing zero accountability over the use of his vast power.
25) Follow it out...

Prosecution has INFINITE financial resources.

Defendant, no matter how wealthy, has LIMITED resources.

Money ends up being the greatest disparity of justice in America. All the Justice money can buy. That's what you get. Two bars of law.
26) What we learned in @GenFlynn's case was this. We HAD to provide resources vastly beyond his own limited means, if he was to stand a chance in facing down the evil government powers mounted against him.

To do so, we built his legal defense fund. https://mikeflynndefensefund.org/ 
27) Boldly embarking on her own legal mission to save America from a stolen vote, Sidney needs exactly that same help. She can't and won't ask for WH dollars. Rather, she's asking us to help.

28) Sidney tell us:

"The future of our Republic is at stake. The left, the media, and a complicit Republican Establishment are attempting to steal this election through a staggering voter fraud operation. The time to fight is now!"
29) We must pause on the "complicit Republican Establishment." The very ls FOX clipse I forced myself to watch was on Martha's show. Both Mark Thiessen and Victor Davis Hansen were on. I like them both. Yet Mark had published an article in the Washington Post.
30) In his post, Mark emphatically encouraged Trump to concede this election so that he might gather his support to win a 2nd term in 2024. This is beyond hellaciously bad counsel. You don't win the future by conceding the present. That is simply NOT logical. Hogwash.
31) On the edge of my seat, I waited for Hansen to disprove Theissan's illogical counsel. I was left wanting. Hansen agreed. Pull back. Surrender. Retreat. Live to fight another day. That was Hansen's counsel as well. Yet another TV commentator I have loved, fallen.
32) If Joe Biden ascends to the seat of the Oval Office, America will set its mode of deceit. We will have consciously chosen to become a nation of liars. Biden is a liar. In full. In absolute. His corruption ensures that he cannot honestly lead America.
33) What's more, America saw through him, and voted @realDonaldTrump back in for his 2nd term in an overwhelming landslide. That stolen landslide is precisely what Sidney has dedicated everything she's got to correcting.
34) That stolen landslide is what each and very turncoat traitor Republican supports right now. Romney? Check. Christie. Neither one of them gives a flying hoot about America. Their only care is for themselves.
35) #ITrustSidney

Who do you trust? What we need today are heroes.

Can you help us? Can you be a hero?

I say you can. Support Trump now. Hear Powell's account. Give if you can. If not, no worries. Put the case forward ere at Twitter, too.
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