Mapping Degrowth strategies onto a systemic theory of change & identifying priorities for action (1/8)🧵

What steps & roles are required to accelerate the decline of current system & speed up a transition to degrowth societies?

Thanks @DegrowthVienna for an amazing workshop!

> Identify more effective system change interventions
> Embark on a collaboration process of improving and coordinating our action (incl. self and critical reflection)

> What’s your theory of change?
> How do you think system change happens?
This workshop was based on the Two Loop Model developed by the @berkanainst in 4 parts

#1 Mapping - Initiatives
#2 Two Loop Model
#3 Mapping - Building a New System
#4 Breakout Groups
#1 Initiative Mapping

> Write down the names of initiatives you are familiar with
> Move post-its in the column whether you think it contributes to;

1. Oppositional Activism (fighting)
2. Radical Reformism (fixing)
3. Creating Alternatives (building)
#2 Two Loop Model

1st (old paradigm) = what kind of roles can accelerate the decline of the dominant systems (e.e. people sounding the alarm with research/impacts, activists, etc)

2nd (new paradigm) = How can we accelerate the uptake of viable alternatives (e.g. degrowth)
#3 Mapping - Building a New System

> Grab post-its from the “building a new system” category
> Move the initiatives into the role matrix

Note: names anonymised
#4 Breakout Groups

> What could be done to fill the gaps?
> What do you think the #degrowth movement should do to accelerate the establishment of a new system?
Take Aways

> Communicate concrete short-term benefits
> Strengthen links to local communities
> Build strategic alliances (e.g. movements, political, Global South, etc)
> Assess synergies and tradeoffs of future degrowth societies
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