So I see this clip is being shared on Twitter , even by mutuals who usually know better.
It’s a 22 second clip, conveniently edited to remove context, mislead people about what it’s actually about and produce outrage (thread)
Let’s be clear :

- Deporting people for merely complaining would be crazy, authoritarian and simply impossible to enact in France.
- This is not what Darmanin is talking about.
I watched the clip in context several times. And Darmanin is clearly talking about "mise en danger de la vie d’autrui" (endangering another person’s life). This is already illegal, and it’s being extended to online fatwas like the one that got #SamuelPaty killed, for clarity.
Do people really think that if really unacceptable totalitarian laws were enacted , that French people wouldn’t be the first to protest? All this constant flow of victim-blaming and #FakeNews really saddens me.
And seeing so many people I know fall for it just makes it worse.
When U share and like this #FakeNews without any kind of critical distance + without looking further into it, it contributes to the current hysteria, aggravates it and puts French lives at risk.
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