We as a nation don't like to study, read & gain knowledge. We prefer sitting at home, doing nothing, playing video games etc. Good that govt has decided to close educational institutions, but it should've been a matter of concern for students, not celebration. What's happening!
The reaction of students on Twitter to this announcement is weird. They're celebrating it; not because they'll remain safe from COVID-19, but they'll be able to sit at home, enjoying vacations or will have more time to hangout with friends. Only a few students looked worried.
My younger brother (student) had the same reaction. He came to me as if it's Eid-ul-fitr and expressed his happiness, praising Shafqat Mehmood. Told him that boy as long as I'm home, I'll make your life miserable, you won't sit idle, I'll be your teacher. 😎😈
My another brother (university student) was at home for months due to COVID-19. He was worried for his studies, always told me that the time he has wasted sitting at hime was so important and he missed the practicable knowledge he would've gained at university. He's the boss!
So we've two two categories of students at my own home:
1. One is worried for his studies
2. The other one, who's don't even give a damn to studies and all.
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