Africans undervalue inspiration.

We may laugh at ”Aspire to perspire and acquire” people but inspiration is a powerful force that pulls people out of darkness into the light. Hope is a powerful force and it is why religion never went out of fashion.

There are many religions.
I once gave a TED talk on role models (yes I did) and each day I still see the script play out. From my kids with full American accents in Togo (largely from TV) and young people’s choices here on Twitter and beyond. People influence people ALL the time. Directly or indirectly.
This is not only restricted to younger people, it is probably even stronger in older people who really know it is largely ”vibes” but indulge anyway. I see the stuff my mother sends to me on WhatsApp daily from her church and I know she is more pragmatic but wants to inspire/help
The danger in abusing this type of inspiration is also real. One thing I have found about humans is that we LOVE the power and influence we have over others and sometimes we mistake it for love. People don't really love you, you are holding their emotions and aspirations hostage.
This is why it is sometimes good for people to make mistakes so that you don't worship them like gods. Then, your actions when they are down now becomes your inspiration to them. This is the beauty of parenthood. Children see their parents at their best and worst yet still love.
I cringe when I come here to see ”supposedly woke” people insulting their parents and elders. Even a bad example is useful example. I don't drink because my father was an alcoholic. It never diminished him in my eyes as I came to understand the demons he was fighting.
People who seek infallibility are those badly flawed. I still remember a guy who came out of nowhere to talk to me one night when I was still struggling with atheism and religion. He said ”perfection is unattainable as only God is perfect. It is striving for perfection God wants”
Take what you can from people to lift up yourself when you are down. Don't also think that anyone will save you. Your destiny has always been in your hands. Blaming others for your misfortune is worse than childish. You are now an adult. Take charge.
Kill your Messiahs.
The greatest lesson of Christianity was the crucifixion.
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