But why have I never heard anyone else talk about how "imposter syndrome" can feel like actual depersonalization/derealization & mental crisis?

Legit when my follower count started going up & I was going through my first art fellowship I could barely grip into my body.
We can talk about theoreticals of "imposter syndrome not existing" & "believe that you're supposed to be here" all we want, but that's not going to help folk who are having *physical* responses.

It was a CONSTANT topic with my therapist off of follower count alone.
"Don't self sabotage"

Okay, cool.

How are you going to help them to develop a safe relationship to this new environment that has put them into fight/flight/freeze/fawn mode?

This take more consistent community effort for some than others.
A huge part of my art fellowship, in addition to my burnout, was the very high need for me to find my safe people who basically would keep reminding me that I wasn't harming everyone & that the world was real & that I was allowed not only to be here but to do things in it.
I mean think about it

How many neurodivergent folk may be fighting with stuff like this when it comes to maintain a job or coping with better pay?

Especially for folk who can be accustomed to familiarity, change can legit fuck up a neurvous system.

How are we supporting that?
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