All joking aside, this is a textbook example of the "Inappropriate Outbursts" that comes as a part of my D/x.

Information for me tends to be value neutral - and other #ADHD/ #NeurodiverseSquad folks like myself will talk about fixations/interests without realizing the company.
I am /reasonably/ certain that this conversation happened mostly in good fun - everyone meant what they were saying, but no major taboos were violated.

But that's a guess. After the fact. Based on responses.

It's difficult for us to read cues, even more so over text.
If you've got someone who's #ADHD or #Autistic in your life, one of the biggest favors you can do us is clear and gentle communication.

"Hey, I love that this interests you, but I'd rather not talk about it. Can we talk about [x] instead?"

That's worth its weight in gold.
Or, at least, it is for me! It is for a lot of folks I've talked to.

It may not be perfect for that person in your life, but I'm pretty sure they can tell you the right way, if you ask.

Please ask.
The problem is when you don't ask - when you assume that the things you do for everyone else works for us?

You can absolutely destroy us.

The gentle mocking, the subtle "that was bad" cues? Those are things that make me want to curl into myself and die.

I've heard too many.
We've had to learn social cues by those negative adjustments you're so used to giving - and what's normally a gentle reminder for other folks is salt on a very old, very raw wound for us.

We've had them for years, too frequent and too numerous.

So just... talk to us, instead.
Please, and thank you!
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