Drugs companies coming up with Corona vaccine, shame on you. You’re inventing vaccine when the virus is spreading exponentially. If you’d researched properly & scientifically, vaccine should have come much before this virus came & hit us. Prevention is better than cure, idoits
Ab aa gaye sab drug companies hamaari maut ka tamaasha dekhne, meri company 2 billion vaccine 92% effective, meri company 3 B injection effective 95%. Maadars, now make money mint money. If any company can give life to ONE person died from Corona, I’ll give all my wealth to it
Kyon Narayan Murthy, ab nikal gaya saara ghamand, saari gas, nahin bani na tere se vaccine. Sau bahaane bana ya jahan bhi ja kar chhup, sach toh ye hai apne aap ko itna bada scientist kahte ho lekin Corona vaccine nahin bana paaya. Ha Ha Ha, ab aiyyo tu loan lene
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