Thread - Here is the typical Azeri/Turk response to evidence of their war crimes (a whataboutism) Heres the truth in Azeri/Turk propaganda. Since the genocide (and I’m sure long before), Turks have legitimised human rights violation and genocide by painting Armenians as the 1/5
aggressors once the Armenians fought back or defended themselves. Armenians only fought back during the Genocide once the deportations & death marches had already started - fighting back seems logical. This trend of putting the blame on the victim was picked up by Azerbaijan. 2/5
Sumgait and Baku pogroms predate the “Khojaly” that Azeris consistently what-about. Azeris ignore state supported pogroms, massacres and ethnic cleansing of Armenians which resulted in Armenians defending themselves (another what-aboutism). And now the recent well planned and 3/5
Started by Azerbaijan and Turkey with Syrian mercenaries. Aside from all the mirror tactics where Armenia reports something and Azerbaijan makes up something that is similar, they also consistently try to paint Armenia as an aggressor when indigenous Armenians are defending 4/5
their land. A long and tired history of Turkey and Azerbaijan being the aggressor state while consistently pointing to “Ganja” and “Khojaly” when they are the ones who started it. Let’s be clear, there is no both sides when someone fights back against a bully. #RecognizeArtsakh
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