while i do agree that gatekeeping certain ships is vry annoying i dont think this is it. no offense to op but a thread abt how pedophilia is researched in REAL LIFE is like throwing away the whole "boundaries between fictional and reality" that the shippers are trying to prove https://twitter.com/litangerine/status/1330438570419556352
i dont think its ethical enough to do this kind of thread bcs comparing your grudge towards people disagreeing about your fictional ship and a real life traumatic moments of someone life is NOT it. people are killing themselves in real life over these traumatic experiences
and as you all know, unlike scientific researchs that are completed towards accurate data, social researchs are more like about experiences, the theories is NOT always right. its only right until someone proven it to be wrong. and quora is NOT a research, its someones opinion
im sorry this fuming me, im no criminology student myself so i cant say anything abt this but pls you too make this discourse stays about how fictional ship. incest and pedophilia in real life is no fucking way acceptable.
uh so yeah im back again to this thread. op also stated that "anak 17 tahun sama 45 tahun gaada yang koar koar pedo" while it is disgustingly big age gap pls know what the definition of "pedo" and "pedophilia" is. pedophilia is an attractive feeling towards CHILDREN.
if u can make and develop feelings toward people far older than you by YOURSELF and no means by grooming it is not pedophilia. so maybe stop guilttripping adults that marry their older partners as an act of pedophilia bcs they are by no means children and can do what they want
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